The rarest, special, unique outfits of Hogwarts Legacy and how to get them

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We have tons of collectibles at Hogwarts Legacy, and one of those items that you’re sure to want to get is the various outfits, and we have a ton of them.

There are a number of outfits in Hogwarts Legacywhich we will get naturally in the games, but there are others that are secret, and that are only accessible through missions and objectives.

It is quite likely that you will end up leaving a few outfits secrets in Hogwarts Legacy, and that is why we have created this guide to tell you exactly what exists and how to obtain them.

We will not only talk about outfits in Hogwarts Legacy, if not equally from a series of skins you can obtain to change the facial appearance of your character.

The rarest, special, unique outfits of Hogwarts Legacy and how to get them

These are all the secret outfits and skins that exist in Hogwarts Legacy, and how to obtain them:

Armor of matarañas

It is an armor that you will receive by fulfilling the objectives of eliminating beings from the world of Hogwarts Legacy, specifically defeating the spiders in the corresponding challenges.

Halloween pumpkin mask

Even if it’s not Halloween yet, you’re going to love wearing this pumpkin mask, which you can get by completing the corresponding dueling feats.

Zonko’s Chief Prankster Pea Coat

It is a particular uniform worn by the first class pranksters, and that you will obtain by collecting pages from the Hogsmeade field guide.

avenging owl mask

Another of the elements that we can obtain through the different challenges that ask us to defeat notorious enemies.

avenging wolf mask

Like the previous one, we will get this mask with the carved face of a wolf by defeating notorious enemies in its corresponding challenge.

avenger raven mask

Exactly the same as the previous one, defeating notorious enemies.

Goblin Crafted Helm

In this case, to obtain this helmet made by goblins, we must help the goblin Arn to recover his missing carts.

Niffler’s Mask

Ideal for detectives, which you will get by finding the Irondale thief in his corresponding mission.

Ashwinders Outfit

This is the uniform you get for completing a specific battle trial. To do this you must find the corresponding battle test in the world that gives you this outfit as a reward. Specifically, you will find it in the Feldcroft region just against the edge and southeast of South Sea Bog.

Then, within this arena mission, you must first destroy all 20 vases in the area by previously using the revelio spell to locate the vases. Once they have all been destroyed, you have to interact with the statue and defeat the different hordes of enemies in various missions.

After beating each of the waves of enemies, you will get the outfit as a reward.

Capa de Herodiana

You will obtain this imposing cape by solving all the riddles in the Herodian room.

There are three garments, one for the head, one for the body and a cape. You need to go to Hogwarts castle and have the Depulso spell and previously talk to Sophorina Franklin in the Herodian hall or in the astronomy tower, and you will activate the mission.

He will tell you about a secret passage in the castle where you will need to use the spell we mentioned, and it will show you exactly where to go on the map.

You have to solve a couple of puzzles, not very complicated, that deal with moving a series of cubes to reach a higher level.

Simply move the cubes to continue advancing with the character to get all three pieces of this set, and if you get stuck, don’t forget to use the glowing balls to reset all the cubes.

House Relic Uniform

Depending on the house that we have chosen, we will have its corresponding uniform, obtained by using the Daedalus keys to unlock the corresponding chest and that you can consult in our dedicated guide.

Quidditch team uniform

We are going to have to find a series of landing platforms that are scattered throughout the world, landing on them with our magic broom.

To find each of these landing platforms, we invite you to consult our dedicated guide so that you can quickly obtain this outfit.

Treasure Seeker’s Attire

You must complete a total of three different side quests, and with each quest you complete you receive a piece of this outfit.

  • The quest “A Touch of Love” rewards you with the Treasure Hunter’s Scarf.
  • The quest “Henrietta’s Lair” grants you the Treasure Hunter Long Coat.
  • The “Cursed Tomb” quest grants you the Treasure Hunter Outfit.

As you can see, there are a lot of secret outfits and masks that you can get at Hogwarts Legacy, and you already know how to get each one of them.

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