The Sims 4 tricks that the most veteran players may not know

The Sims 4 tricks that the most veteran players may not know

Surely you have been playing The Sims 4 for a long time and even if you are an expert and you know most of the tricks, it is likely that a series of tips can still be great for you.

And it is that now we want to highlight a compendium of tricks, which you probably do not know, despite the fact that you have been playing for a long time the sims 4.

There are a few cheat codes you may not be aware of, new character designs, and playable surprises you’ll be glad to know.

They are tricks that you can perform very easily in your games of The Sims 4, and that will allow you to discover new things, despite the fact that you have been enjoying this proposal for a long time.

The Sims 4 tricks that the most veteran players may not know

Maybe you didn’t know it, but you can give a different touch to your male characters, if you start creating this character as a female.

So you can start creating a female character in The Sims 4 with certain male characteristics, and then change it to a male sim, and you’ll see that the face is different than what you’ve seen before in the game.

If you see that your characters do not have time to have fun, that the children are always studying, and the parents are working, you can always get the expansion of the holidays and you will see that you have much more free time, but at the same time you can also go to work .

Another code allows us to make a sim left-handed, and for this we must enable the cheat console, and then enter the following codes:





If you want to build relationships much faster and not waste as much time, what you can do is buy a camera and then take lots of photos of the character you are trying to be friends with and they will become one of your best friends.

And if you feel that objects are not getting the most out of it, you can always try the following code: bb.moveobjects on

And you will be able to place the elements in the place you want.

If you leave, for example, some food on an outdoor grill, you will see that even other characters can cook it, but the food will no longer be yours.

However, if you put these items inside lunch bags, they will be yours and you will have saved yourself the effort.

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