The Witcher 3 next gen: how to get all the rewards for free

The Witcher 3 next gen: how to get all the rewards for free

The next-gen version of The Witcher 3 has already been launched in PS5, Xbox Series X/S y PC. CD Projekt RED has been ported with a free patch that adds a multitude of technical, gameplay and quality of life improvements… as well as new content.

This version adds content inspired by the serie de The Witcher de Netflixbut also new weapons and armor that have been given to all users of the next gen versions, who meet one condition: log in to GOG.

That is, these The Witcher 3 rewards are only available to users of PS5, Xbox Series X/S o PC. Although the update will also be coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, including Netflix content, this set of armor and two swords is not on the old platforms.

The Witcher 3 next gen: how to get all the rewards for free

You don’t have to do anything very complicated in the game to get these Dol Blathannna swords and armor. It is a reward for sign in to

To do this, from the main menu go to the bottom section, My rewards. Here you will get the instructions to log in to the game with your GOG account, a link to the browser or a QR to do it from your mobile.

Then you can collect your rewards. For this he travels to Vizima Royal Castle, in Temeria. There you will find a chest in the Yennefer’s quarters. Here we leave you a map with the location of his room in the castle.

Keep in mind that these rewards are intended for those who have already played the title. If this is your first time starting it, naturally you won’t be able to get them until the story reaches Vizima’s Castle.

The rewards you can get for free in The Witcher 3 are the espada y armada de Dol Blathannacomposed of the Sword of a Thousand Flowers (steel), the White Widow of the Valley of Flowers (silver), and the four pieces of armor, boots, pants and gauntlet.

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