The Witcher 3 Next Gen: how to see the best possible ending

The Witcher 3 Next Gen: how to see the best possible ending

The role is a constant element in The Witcher 3 Next Gen and the weight of the decisions that we make throughout the plot of the game will influence the events that they experience Geralt of RiviaCiri and company in addition to generating a specific ending.

Now that The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has reached the new generation consoles, you may want to enjoy the story again or complete it once and for all. Do you want all the characters to end up happy and eating partridges?

Well, in this guide on The Witcher 3 Next Gen for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S we tell you how can you see the best possible ending in the game and what steps you have to follow to achieve it. Inside information!

The Witcher 3 Next Gen: how to see the best possible ending

The good thing about The Witcher 3 is that the ending that each player can experience presents a lot of options and it is very difficult to distinguish what is a good ending and what is not. However, many are clear that the main thing is decide well the fate of Ciri.

Apart from these, the decisions made in the story allow us to know the fate of Temeria, what happens to Emhyr var Emries, who rules in the Skellige or the end of Geralt de Rivia himself (living with Yennefer is our favorite option… .).

However, with Ciri being the main protagonist, we will focus on her three possible fates and how to get the ending that many players see as the best. There are three endings that can be presented in this matter:

  • Ciri dies
  • Ciri lives and becomes Empress
  • Ciri lives and becomes a witch (best ending)

The last option is considered the best because Ciri and Geralt will maintain their good relationship and both will share very good moments. What do you need to do to be presented with this ending of The Witcher 3?

Well, the responses and actions you take at a series of key moments during the game will ultimately make this the fate of the Lioncilla of Cintra. Here everything you have to do:

The priority is that in the mission “Blood on the battlefield“, In the second big decision you must make, answer “Okay, let’s go to Velen”. So Ciri will not meet her biological father. Once this is done, you must make two more right decisions over the course of the story. We leave you what they can be:

  • At the end of “Blood on the Battlefield” you must answer “I think I know how to cheer you up”
  • In the mission “Final Preparations” you must answer “You will be fine alone”.
  • In the mission “A daughter of the old blood” answer “Go ahead”
  • In the mission “A daughter of the old blood” answer “Yes, I will go with you”

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