These are the best Marvel Snap cards and the ones you should buy with your tokens first

These are the best Marvel Snap cards and the ones you should buy with your tokens first

Marvel Snap is one of the great surprises of 2022. When Disney and Marvel announced this card game, we never imagined that it would have the great impact it has today on Steam and mobile digital stores.

Marvel Snap’s F2P status means that anyone can get close to the Second Dinner title, be it in PC, Android device or iOS device. And it is also tremendously accessible.

The objective of the game is snap, but along the way you will have to build a good deck of cards and take advantage of the different abilities of each hero or villain. Tactics play a very prominent role in Marvel Snap.

With the new update, the Collector’s Token Shop is now available, where you can spend tokens to buy a rotating card. And these are the best you can get at Marvel Snap.

Best cards to get in the token shop


Daredevil’s ability makes him one of the best Marvel Snap cards. With his letter it is possible see opponent’s move on turn 5.

In other words, you will be able to plan your play knowing what your opponent is going to do. This opens many doors for you, and even more so in such a decisive turn of the game.

Green Goblin

One of the cards that best suits a deck and that can be extremely useful. The Green Goblin card is 3 cost, but it hides a very juicy ability.

By playing this card, automatically reduces the opponent’s power by 3 points. It is not a decisive card, but it is a good support in the middle of the game.

Doctor Death

A card that stands out for its offensive side (in power). Doctor Doom’s letter has a power of 5which would be enough to win the game if you know how to play the rest of the cards well.

If in addition to having the Doctor Doom card you also have the Patriot card, then we are talking about an almost certain victory in Marvel Snap.


Sera’s card is quite the wild card when the going gets tough in Marvel Snap. It cannot be said that energy abounds in the game, so pay attention.

By playing the Sera card, you can reduce the energy cost of the cards in your hand (yes, up to a maximum of 1).


All life insurance to copy continuous skills. The Mystique card works incredibly well to counter Wong, Sera, Patriot, or Mojo.

Basically, by playing the Mystique card you will be able to copy the continuous skill you wantdepending on your tactics and strategy.


The favorite card of strategists. Jaws is incredibly useful because of its ability, although it must be played with a lower cost card for it to take effect.

By playing the Jaws card, you can change the card you have drawn next to another from your deck. If it’s also a higher power card, then you’re in luck.

The Absorbing Man

It works in a similar way to the Mystique card. By playing the Absorbing Man card, you can pay homage to the name of this classic Marvel character.

Yes, The Absorbing Man is capable of copy a rival card’s abilitybut only if this ability is revealed by revealing the card on the mat.

She Hulk

There is no denying that the She Hulk card is very powerful… but it also has a high cost. This can be balanced with the special ability of this card, which is very useful if you know how to take advantage of it.

Basically the She Hulk card can reduce its energy cost by 1 for each turn you don’t spend energy.


One of the best Marvel Snap cards. With Patriot you can win a game without breaking a sweat, but you must take into account that his ability improves a series of cards in your deck.

Patriot’s special ability allows you to raise the power of all your non-ability cards by +2which is a boost needed to win the game.


Possibly Marvel Snap’s best support card. By playing the Wong card, you can duplicate the abilities of your other cards placed in the same location.

That is to say, that Wong does not work based on a specific letter, but by location of the same. Any card thrown in its zone will be able to use the special ability twice… throughout the game.

These are Top 10 Cards You Can Get In The Marvel Snap Collector’s Token Shop, by spending tokens that you get by playing. Remember that every x time there will be a letter available, and sometimes you can get one of the best.

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