This Hogwarts Legacy Hack Makes Some Merlin Tests Easier

This Hogwarts Legacy Hack Makes Some Merlin Tests Easier

We continue reviewing some of the most useful tips and tricks within Hogwarts Legacy now that it is also available on PS4 and Xbox One through a port that has been acclaimed for its technical capabilities.

This time we are going to get fully into Merlin’s Trialsa completely optional set of Hogwarts Legacy challenges that you can overcome in a much easier way thanks to the following trick.

This Hogwarts Legacy Hack Makes Some Merlin Tests Easier

Merlin’s Trials are various and some will not challenge you more than lighting some bonfires with Confringo or performing some Repair, but there is a challenge that requires collect a number of butterflies and take them to a specific place.

At a certain point you will be asked to collect three swarms of butterflies. The normal thing would be to take each one one by one, but it is possible get all three at once thanks to Lumos.

After using the spell you will only have to return to the pillar where you have to attract them to do it all in one sitting. This famous enchantment is one of the most practical in the game. Besides, it will be much easier for you to find butterflies at night.

We hope it has been helpful to you. Remember that the exclusive Hogwarts Legacy Merlin Cape returns with 6 more cosmetic items so you can get it today and here is the Hogwarts Legacy guide for PS4 and Xbox One: everything you need to know to get the most out of the game.

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