This is the best way to get Tokens in Marvel Snap that you may not have known about

This is the best way to get Tokens in Marvel Snap that you may not have known about

The players of Marvel Snap Those who want to complete their collection, or at least keep up with the cards in Series 3 and Series 4 and 5, need tokens. These in-game currency (tokens in English) are used to spend them in the Token Shop.

What is the best way to get tokens in Marvel Snap? In this guide we tell you a method that you may not know…

In this guide to Marvel Snap:

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Marvel Snap, you’ll know that the Token Shop underwent a mid-season makeover in March: as of now only series 4 and 5 cards can be purchased (in exchange, you can get a free series 3 letter per month).

The most popular change was to increase the amount of tokens you can get: the Collector’s Chests and Reserves They replaced the drops of 100 chips with drops of between 200 and 600 tokens.

Thanks to this measure, it will be easier for you to increase your amount of tokens to spend them on the Series 4 or Series 5 cards that are most worthwhile (we remind you of the prices, 3,000 tokens of letters from the Serie 4y 6,000 tokens from Serie 5).

But there is another way to get tokens in Marvel Snap, which you may not be aware of, and it is the most efficient… although be careful, because it is also the only one that (indirectly) allows you to buy tokens for real money… and we have done the calculation.

Chip hammers at Marvel Snap

Emulating the tradition of “Taco Tuesdays”, Second Dinner celebrates… “Token Tuesdays”, that is, the Chip Tuesday.

It is a bundle that can only be purchased on Tuesdays, and that includes between 400 and 800 chipsin exchange for cthus the same equivalence in gold.

This bundle is the most efficient way to get a lot of tokens and a wise way to spend goldas long as you are not interested in the cosmetic variants in the shop that can only be purchased for gold (700 or 1200 gold).

Here are other uses for gold in Marvel Snap if you want to compare, but our bottom line is that if you want new cards and don’t care about cosmetic variants, these Tuesday bundles are the best way to spend it.

Next hammers of tokens in Marvel Snap

Thanks to Marvel Snap Zone datamining, we already know what the next Token Tuesday bundles will be during April and May 2023, since every Tuesday the amount of tokens you can get varies (and includes some boosters as a “tip”):

  • April 4: 600 tokens for 650 gold
  • April 11: 400 tokens for 450 gold
  • April 18: 800 tokens for 850 gold
  • April 25: 600 tokens for 650 gold
  • May 2: 400 tokens for 450 gold
  • May 9: 800 tokens for 850 gold
  • May 16: 600 tokens for 650 gold
  • May 23: 400 tokens for 450 gold
  • May 30: 800 tokens for 850 gold

We calculate the equivalence Chips – Euros

Remember that tokens cannot be purchased with real money… but gold can. Therefore, although there is no equivalence between tokens-euros, according to this bundle this is the “value” in euros of the tokens:

If 300 golds are 5.49 euros, and 650 golds are 600 tokens, 600 tokens are approximately 12 euros, so 6,000 tokenswhich is what a card from Pool 5 costs, like Thanos… they are 120 euros.

This is the gold-euros equivalence that you can find in the store:

  • 300 gold for 5.49 euros
  • 700 gold for 10.99 euros
  • 1450 gold for 21.99 euros
  • 2600 gold for 37.99 euros
  • 3850 gold for 54.99 euros
  • 8000 gold for 109.99 euros

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