Unlock the bridge level in Vampire Survivors

Unlock the bridge level in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors is not enough to hook millions of players on Xbox and PC consoles. After sneaking into the best games of this 2022 and release its version 1.0the poncle title still has a lot to offer.

In fact, a few days ago a new update for Vampire Survivors arrived, which adds a new character (with a very useful ability), more achievements and a new setting.

Can you imagine a game of Vampire Survivors in the middle of a narrow bridge? Well is real and possible in the Tiny Bridge scenarioavailable for free on all platforms.

Of course, you must first unlock this additional scenario… and that is precisely what we are talking about in this guide. We teach you how to unlock the bridge stage in Vampire Survivors.

Unlock the new bridge stage (Tiny Bridge)

To get the new stage of Vampire Survivors you need to unlock Torre Gallo, a level that is hidden in the game. In turn, a series of instructions must be followed to achieve this aforementioned scenario.

Let’s go there. The first thing we must do is get the Mirror of Gracean item that also gives access to the Inverse mode of Vampire Survivors (we already told you about it in a previous guide).

The Mirror of Grace is obtained in the Eudaimonia Machine level. In this phase we come across an entity that asks us how our path has been to get to where we are. We have to choose the option ”Too easy”.

At that time we will get the Mirror of Grace, which unlocks the Inverse mode. In this mode the player receives a 20% bonus to Luck and +200% gold… but enemies gain 200% health.

Warning: Before continuing, you can revisit the Eudaimonia Machine entity and choose the ”Too hard” option. Then you will get the item Seventh Trumpetwhich in turn unlocks Endless mode.

Now what We have already achieved the Inverse mode, we can choose whether to play the levels in their standard form or if we do it in the inverted mode. Choose the Torre Gallo level.

Your goal is hard, but possible: You must reach level 80 in this unique scenario from Vampire Survivors. You don’t need to beat any further levels to unlock the bridge level, so once you reach level 80 leave Gallo Tower.

Once the game registers that we have reached level 80 in this tower, Vampire Survivors will give you access to the bridge stage (Tiny Bridge)and the other news of the update.

If the poncle title catches your eye, you should know that it is available for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Windows and Steam. Also, Vampire Survivors is 100% verified for Steam Deck.

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