Valorant: How Much Are Accounts Worth?

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Are you familiar with Valorant? Accounts in this game can have a certain value if they possess certain characteristics

Valorant is a game that has started to get noticed especially now that the world of video games is moving more towards online gaming. It is an addictive shooter game, so if you like games like Call of Duty or Fortnite, this game is definitely a great alternative. And to top it off, the game is absolutely free! If you want to know more about Valorant and Valorant accounts, read on! What makes this game unique is the combination of traditional and modern aspects. In fact, we find the characteristics of a classic shooter, combined with characters with unique abilities.

Valorant: How Much Are Accounts Worth?

How does a Valorant account work?

Now let’s talk about Valorant accounts. After all, if you’re going to subscribe to one, you should know how everything works. First, as with any account, you get your login credentials. Another component of Valorant accounts are characters. Playing more and unlocking better characters with more and more interesting abilities is very simple!

Another important component of Valorant accounts is the their classification. The ranking depends entirely on the game and the victories. When you enter battle, you often collide with accounts of a similar level, and by winning you can level up by meeting more and more experienced opponents, but also upgrades and weapons for your characters. That’s why an account with a high rating is rated better than one with a low rating generally.

Other elements that Valorant accounts include are battle passes and currency. There are currently two types of currency available, Valorante Points and Radiant Points, both of which are used for different purposes. Valorante points can also be purchased with real money, and this is something to keep in mind. Other things to keep an eye on are stats and match history, friends, agents, and skins.

How to determine the value of a Valorant account

Now let’s move on to the million dollar question: what are they worth actually? It’s a tricky question to answer, because Valorant accounts can vary drastically in value. There are some that are extremely cheap and some that are extremely expensive. Factors that determine its value include:

  • Market demand/influence
  • Account level
  • Characters unlocked
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin
  • Exclusive/rare items

What are “Smurf” accounts?

A Smurf account is usually a sub account of a player. It is usually of a lower level and is mainly used to hone any skills the player may have or to experiment with new strategies without risking losing levels in the main account. Smurf accounts also come with additional skins and cosmetics, but they’re often not as premium as in the original Valorant account.

Another reason Smurf accounts exist is to play with friends to relax without thinking about the ranking. Smurf accounts can also be used to easily level up other accounts, allowing them to score higher or win. In summary, a smuft account is the younger brother of the main one.

Valorant: How Much Are Accounts Worth?

The buying and selling

If you are a casual gamer that they want to play without spending too much time and effort, starting right away with an advantage, buying a Valorant account is an extremely interesting shortcut. These accounts are equipped with interesting items that help you progress faster in the game! In addition, “Smurf” accounts are also available, which allow you to play against less experienced players, making the games easier for you and giving you the chance to improve your skills before facing experienced players.

But remember that everything what you buy will take on more and more value in time! So think of it more as a long-term investment, because you can further grade your account and sell it at a higher price. So, if you are a little undecided, know that you can always resell the account at a later time and you can even hope for a small profit!

Where to buy or sell a Valorant account?

So let’s move on to another crucial question, perhaps the most important of all. Where can you sell or buy a Valorant account safely? There are many websites that allow you to buy and sell accounts, but security is never too much, right? Especially considering the amount of online fraud that is being committed today.

Playersloot is an online trading platform for various game accounts and luckily, it also offers Valorant accounts in its online storefront. From entry-level to elite, you’re sure to find the account that’s right for you thanks to the huge variety of accounts this platform offers! Hello beautiful over 500 to choose from! What more could a gamer want?

Valorant: How Much Are Accounts Worth?


Ultimately, if you are passionate about online games and are looking foror a new stimulus, Valorant is the one for you. However, it often gets boring to play with the amateurs when you know you’re at a much higher level, so why waste your time and be bored with the newbies when there’s a way to jump straight into the elite? You can easily purchase an account and start challenging the most experienced players! This article was taken from a previous post on the Playershoot blog.