What are League Points for, the difference with coins and how to get them

What are League Points for, the difference with coins and how to get them

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple They are the first open world games in the series, and GameFreak has taken the opportunity to add a lot of new features. With a new mechanic to make snacks with which to improve our stats, the options to buy in stores are multiplied.

To do this, they have also added an alternative currency to Pokécoins. These are League Points, or LP. You will earn them almost without realizing it, and you can use them in all stores to pay, either in cash, or with League Points.

When you see it, you might wonder what difference there areor which one is more precious and therefore which one should you use for save and which one to spend on potions, chorizos and portions of patatas bravas.

Here we explain what League Points are, their difference with coins, what they are for and how they are obtained.

What are League Points for, the difference with coins and how to get them

League Points (LP) are used for the same thing as Pokemon coins: buy all the items in all the stores. They have the same value in league points as in cash.

The difference is that League Points are also useful for things that coins are not. Specifically, create TMs on TM machines of the Pokemon Centers.

For that reason, it is more precious than coins and if you had to choose, it is better to pay in cash, unless you are very bare of “pokedollars”.

How to get League Points

There are several ways to earn League Points in the game. Unlike coins, we do NOT earn LP by winning battles against wild Pokemon or trainers.

In the TM machines we can spend the Points to manufacture the Technical Machines, but we can also sell the materials and we are not interested in what we get to earn more PL. Look for the light points on the ground to get materials, although you also automatically earn them by defeating Pokemon.

Another way to get them is to defeat the shiny Pokemon (not the shiny or variocolor ones, but the Pokemon that shine around the map and when fighting with them you teracrystallize automatically).

Likewise, at interact with crystals from raids we will get some LP, it doesn’t matter if we participate in it or not!

Finally, as you will have been able to verify, the corresponding teacher will reward us with League Points when completing the bases of the Team Star.

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