What are the Ultimate variants of Marvel Snap and how to get them

What are the Ultimate variants of Marvel Snap and how to get them

Marvel Snap it has hundreds of cards to unlock, and all of them can be obtained without having to pay (although the premium cards of the Season Passes are very difficult to obtain). since it is free to playrevenue comes from microtransactions.

Marvel Snap has season passes that can be purchased, as well as gold that can be earned by playing or paying real money. And the main incentive to do so is to get the variants, or special cards (with only cosmetic changes).

There are over a thousand variants on Marvel Snap, with new ones added almost every week. Getting them all is a monumental investment of time and money (although some have already done it). But do you know which are the most difficult variant cards to get in the entire game? We present you the Ultimate variants.

What are the Ultimate variants of Marvel Snap and how to get them

Currently (as of February 1, 2023) there are 1167 variant cards at Marvel Snap, a figure that is sure to grow in the future. They are divided into several categories, such as themed (chibi, 8-bit, “venomized”, noir) or by comic authors.

But another way to divide it is by its rarity. Thus, we have Rare cards, which are the ones that cost 700 gold in the daily store, Super rares, which cost 1200 gold in the store, and the Ultimate ones.

The Ultimate variants of Marvel Snap can only be obtained in the token shop (which is unlocked when you reach the collection level 500), at the price of 5000 tokens each. And there are only eight:

  • Black Panther
  • Gamora
  • Ghost Rider
  • Namor
  • Sassy Girl
  • Storm
  • Thor
  • White Queen

The token shop will always show cards that we don’t have, usually from series 3 but they can also come from pool 4 and 5. However, for an ultimate variant card to come out, we only have one possibility of leaving 2.5% (6.25% if we have already completed Pool 3).

And then there is paying for them, of course: they can only be obtained with tokens, which you will gradually get from the collector’s chests and reserves, usually 100 or 200 tokens in each drop. If you get one of these cards in the shop, you can pin it, until you save enough tokens (this type of currency cannot be obtained with microtransactions).

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