What is the best way to spend gold in Marvel Snap?

What is the best way to spend gold in Marvel Snap?

Marvel Snaplike all free to play games, it can be somewhat confusing with the amount of coins you have: Credits, Golds, Boosters, Experience, collection levels and season pass… It’s a mess!

In that sense, the most important thing to understand is that (as is typical in these games) the Oro it is the most valuable currency, the only one that you can buy with real money through microtransactions.

Instead, the Credits (the blue coin) is the type of coin that the more you will use in the gamesince it serves to improve the cards (from the cards section) and increase their rarity and progress in the collection level.

Therefore, you have probably advanced in the game, spending all the blue credits… but accumulating gold without knowing what to spend it on. We help you in this Marvel Snap guide!

How to get Gold in Marvel Snap

It is relatively easy to get gold, even if it is in frequent small amounts, completing the Missions (both daily and weekly).

If you complete all the daily quests, you will get gold (individually, they will give you Credits and Experience of the season, which in turn will allow you to level up and get free rewards including gold).

But if you want to increase your gold reserves, you can buy it directly through the store with real money. These are the equivalences, but naturally, we don’t recommend it…

  • 300 gold for 5.49 euros
  • 700 gold for 10.99 euros
  • 1450 gold for 21.99 euros
  • 2600 gold for 37.99 euros
  • 3850 gold for 54.99 euros
  • 8000 gold for 109.99 euros

Best ways to spend gold

What is the gold for? there is basically three uses of Gold in Marvel Snap:

  1. Buy card variants in the shop, for 700 or 1200 gold a piece (it’s cosmetic only)
  2. Fill new missions, 2 missions for 120 gold
  3. Buy credits: 150 credits for 120 gold; 500 for 400 gold

What is the best way to spend gold? In our opinion, the first two are valid. Unless you pay for the very expensive season pass (11 euros per month) you will have almost no way to get cosmetic variants of cards, except buying them with gold.

They’re very expensive, yes, but if one day you see a cool variant of your favorite card (one you’ll be using and seeing a lot)… then treat yourself!

If we get serious the most efficient way To use the gold, which will also allow you to spend it little by little, is by buying more daily missions. These will help you earn more Credits and Experience, which in turn will help you progress in the pass and make it easier for you to earn more gold.

The only option that we do not recommend at all is to buy credits with gold. Credits is the most necessary currency in the game, yes, but it is also one that is relatively easy and quick to earn each day simply by playing and completing missions.

As you continue advancing, the speed will decrease, because rarity leveling up the cards and thus progressing in the collection level is more and more expensive. This is all it will cost you in credits and power-ups to level up the cards:

  • Uncommon: 1 Collection Level (25 Credits / 5 Boosters)
  • Rare: 2 collection levels (100 credits / 10 power-ups)
  • Epic: 4 collection levels (200 credits / 20 power-ups)
  • Legendary – 6 collection levels (300 credits / 30 power-ups)
  • Ultra – 8 Collection Levels (400 Credits / 40 Power-ups)
  • Infinite: 10 collection levels (500 credits / 50 power-ups)

Instead of buying credits with gold, which is quite expensive for how fast you spend credits, it is better to fill in the daily quests: It’s cheaper and more efficient for getting more credits, plus XP and occasionally gold (and usually doesn’t take much effort to complete quests).

But, we insist: although it is not the most economical, we don’t want to deprive you of the (very) occasional pleasure of buying a cosmetic variant of a card you really like for 700 or 1200 gold… although think about it, because it is not something that you are going to be able to afford many times: if you see one that you like, wait a few days to see if there is not another that you like better, because usually they all rotate frequently in the store.

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