What to do in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple after beating the game

What to do in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple after beating the game

As in any good Pokemon game, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple It has a generous postgame that challenges you with new challenges and Pokemon to capture after finishing the story and winning the title of champion.

As you may already know, Pokemon Scarlet and Purple has three narrative routes: the eight Gyms, the five Dominant Pokemon, and the five Team Star Bases. The credits won’t roll until you complete all three routes.

What to do in Pokemon Scarlet and Purple after beating the game: Postgame content guide

In this Pokemon Scarlet and Purple endgame guide we explain what you can do after you beat the game.

The endgame of Pokemon Scarlet and Purple basically consists of four things: rematches with the eight gym leaders to participate in a tournament, rematch with the five leaders of Team Star, teraincursions of 5 and 6 stars, and captures of the paradox Pokemon.

academy tournament

When you complete the story, you will be able to go back to all the gyms and ask for rematches against their respective leaders. This time around, they’ll be much tougher, with teams of five Pokemon level 65+.

When you beat all the rematches, you will unlock the tournament Great Academic Fight. You can sign up in the Academy lobby, and it consists of four rounds in a row. Your Pokemon heal between fights, but you must complete all four of them in a row.

You can complete this tournament as many times as you want to earn rewards.

Team Star Rematch

As with the gyms, you will be able to return to the five Team Star bases and defeat them again. You can repeat both the battles and the waves before, but defeating 50 Pokemon instead of 30.

5 and 6 star Teraids

Completing the main story will allow you to unlock the 5-star Teraids. And if you complete the postgame Academy Tournament (and have completed at least 10 4-star or 5-star raids before), you’ll unlock the raids of 6 stars.

These are black in color and are naturally more difficult, but not as difficult as the 7-star ones. These are more special, since they will only appear in special events for a limited time.

pokemon paradox

After beating the story, you can return to the Paldea Pit and capture the two Paradox Pokemon. Of course, two are exclusive to Púrpura and two to Scarlet. To capture them before you must find all the stakes by Paldea (something you can do at any time in the game).

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