Where are the Daedalus keys in Hogwarts Legacy and how to complete the minigame easily

Where are the Daedalus keys in Hogwarts Legacy and how to complete the minigame easily

Surely you are already enjoying the great magical adventure that is Hogwarts Legacy. One of the most anticipated games of the year is here, and many are already enjoying it in early access after having pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition or the Collector’s Edition.

For the rest of the mortals, Hogwarts Legacy It lands tomorrow, February 10, on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. On PS4 and Xbox One it will debut on April 4, while on Switch it will be on July 25.

Beyond the main plot, Hogwarts Legacy presents us with a bunch of secondary missions, and, specifically, one of them is linked to the keys of Daedalus. What do we get by finding them all?

It is something that you will discover in this guide on Hogwarts Legacy. we explain how to find all daedalus keyssolve their minigames and thus unlock a great reward.

Daedalus keys: where are they and what are they for?

We can say that the Daedalus keys are one of the Hogwarts Legacy collectibles, and in turn they are one of the most difficult to obtain. In essence it is about flying keyswhich unlock a great reward.

In total there are 16 keys of Daedalus, scattered throughout Hogwarts and its surroundings. By getting them all you can open the big chest that you will find in the common room of your Hogwarts house.

Of course, it is not as easy as finding them and that’s it. The ability to fly makes these keys very elusive, although luckily we also have spells to make it easier.

To start the challenge of the keys of Daedalus you’ll have to talk to Nellie Oggspire, which will ask us if we can find all the keys. And it is not enough to find them, since the difficult thing is to catch them.

Notice: in order to get the 16 keys, it is mandatory to have reached autumn in the school year. This is because Alohomora spell is needed to access certain areas of Hogwarts.

Relax, because the procedure is simpler than it seems. Upon finding one of these Daedalus keys, it will try to run away from us immediately.

If you manage to find her in mid-flight, we congratulate you. But don’t worry, because in case of losing it we can find it in its corresponding closet (everyone has one).

Upon reaching the corresponding cabinet, a small minigame will begin. Basically we have to hitting the key (by pressing any button) at the precise moment it flies over the lock. In case of failure, we will have to keep trying until we succeed.

Like good wizards and witches, there is a trick to make it easier. Whether we want to catch it on the fly or to solve the minigame, it is possible to use the Momentum Arrest spell to slow down timewhich makes the process much easier.

By successfully solving the puzzle, we will get a token of the Hogwarts house to which we belong. Once we have the 16 tokens, we can open the chest in the common room.

Now that you know what to do when you find or have one of these Daedalus keys, we share the location of each one of them in the school of magic and wizardry.

  • Daedalus Key 1: Astronomy Tower
  • Daedalus Key 2: Astronomy Tower (next to the rhino skeleton)
  • Daedalus Key 3: Library Annex
  • Daedalus Key 4: Library Annex
  • Daedalus Key 5: Library Annex
  • Daedalus Key 6: Library Annex
  • Daedalus Key 7: Astronomy Tower (in front of the History classroom)
  • Daedalus Key 8: Astronomy Tower (next to the Dragon statue)
  • Daedalus Key 9: Tower of Astronomy (near the eye chest)
  • Daedalus Key 10: Grand Staircase
  • Daedalus Key 11: near the Great Hall
  • Daedalus Key 12: Great Hall
  • Daedalus Key 13: near the Great Hall
  • Daedalus Key 14: Faculty Tower (Alohomora required)
  • Daedalus Key 15: South wing of the Faculty Tower (you need Alohomora)
  • Daedalus Key 16: Clock Tower

If you follow these instructions and you are cunning, you will already have in your possession the 16 tokens of your Hogwarts house. Once you have them all, you just have to go to the common room of your house, and open the chest.

Remember that this is part of a side mission in the game. We recommend that before starting the search you get Alohomora and advance a little in the adventure, to place yourself right in autumn (at least).

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