Where are the fortune zones of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Where are the fortune zones of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

Fortnite chapter 3 ended yesterday, and today we are already enjoying the new map and all the news from Fortnite chapter 4. Skins, weapons, mechanics… there is a lot to sink our teeth into. And although the game through the challenges explains these novelties quite well, there is one that does not: here we tell you everything about the fortune zones of Fortnite chapter 4.

Los Fortnite chapter 4 challenges season 1 They help us to understand the new mechanics well, such as augmentations or abilities, as well as how to avoid obstacles or the uses of some weapons, such as the new shock hammer. But not everything is so obvious.

Open chests in fortune zones It is one of the most cryptic challenges of this first batch of tasks of season 1 of chapter 4 of Fortnite, although do not worry, because here we are going to tell you everything.

Where are the fortune zones in Fortnite chapter 4 season 1

The Fortuna zones in Fortnite Chapter 4 are totally random, and vary in each game. That is, we cannot mark them on the map, because they change.

But it is enough to take a look at the map before the battle bus starts to see that the names of the named areas (or the question marks, if we have not visited them), glow with a golden or orange hue.

That brightness is what indicates that they are the areas of fortune, and it will be enough to open any three chests for us to pass the challenge.

Of course, keep in mind that they will be quite crowded areas, especially in these first days. In fortune zones you will be able to find cargo drones flying over the zone, which will drop additional loot.

That’s it everything you need to know to complete the challenge open chests in fortune zones of Fortnite chapter 4a simple challenge… but without any clues or help, it can be more difficult than it really is.