Where are the Pangea figures and their codes in Burning Shores, the Horizon Forbidden West DLC

Where are the Pangea figures and their codes in Burning Shores, the Horizon Forbidden West DLC

There are many things we can do in the expansion Burning Shores from Horizon Forbidden West and among them a new collectible that you will surely not want to lose.

We are talking about the collectible of the Pangea figures, and we have five well distributed throughout the map of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores.

It should be noted that all the figures are unmissable, and you can go back for them at any time, so don’t worry because you can get the corresponding trophy.

To make it easier for you, we give you the location of the five Pangea figures in the Burning Shores expansion of Horizon Forbidden Westand we also help you with all the codes that we have available to solve the puzzles and also for the final moment.

Where are the Pangea figures and their codes in Burning Shores, the Horizon Forbidden West DLC

First we offer you a map with the location of the five figures of Pangea:

Figure 1: Queen Rex

We go to the place indicated on the map, and first we have to examine the corpse of the Fire Fanghorn on the ground, and then throw the spear at the rusty beams that we have on the rubble wall.

Time to examine the box to track the footprints next to the corpse, we will have to continue downhill towards the water, but the idea is that we approach the containers in the middle to pick up the Pangea figure.

Figure 2: Dimorphodon

We arrive at the indicated area of ​​the map, we should see a console that requires a six-digit code, and although you can find this code on the ground above the highest tower in the area, specifically you must enter 11 14 64.

Now we can enter the room to pick up the figure of Pangea that you have on the floor.

Figure 3: Green Raptor

We arrive at the area indicated on the map, and we must scan the data point that is inside the building called “In for It”.

They will tell you that it has been stolen, but luckily you can find it in a nearby parking lot, so, as soon as you enter the nearby garage, you must go to the lowest floor with the water, and by opening the hood of one of the cars you will have the figure .

Figure 4: Red Raptor

We go to the area indicated on the map, and from there to the roof of the building where we must destroy the part of the purple fire floor to reveal a hole.

We fall into it and there we examine the underwater data point that will tell us the situation of the statue.

We must then go to the mansion to the east, where the building on the lava flows, and land near the hatch on the mansion’s roof to access the interior of it and pick up the figure. Don’t forget to use your Waterwing to reach the mansion.

Figure 5: Reggie the Pterodactyl

We go to the area indicated on the map, and we have the figure inside the park.

In front of the building with the figure of Pangea, you must go to its right side to find a hatch that you can enter through the hole. Then there is another hatch that offers access to the room with the figure.

Final test (Dinodigit Quiz)

Once you’ve collected all five figures, go to the quest marker in the middle of the amusement park to locate five different consoles, each requiring a different code.

Facing the statue in the middle, starting from the leftmost console, enter the following codes: 6837, 4331, 378, 785, and 1051.

When you have entered them, the test presenter will congratulate you and you will unlock the corresponding trophy.

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