Where is the castle stash in Hogwarts Legacy

How to solve the three Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts Legacy (exploration challenge)

The most anticipated magical adventure of all time is now available worldwide. We know that many of you have already played a few hours Hogwarts Legacybut the Warner Bros and Avalanche Software title goes on sale today, February 10.

In Hogwarts Legacy we find an adventure with RPG touches that has everything: fantastic animals, magic classes, secrets throughout Hogwarts, spells, tough enemies… and a lot of secondary missions.

In fact, it is very common for players to put aside the main plot, to focus on the over 100 quests offered by Hogwarts Legacy. And some are not easy to complete…

For example, the mission entrusted to us by Arthur Plummly, which consists of find a hidden stash in the halls of Hogwarts Legacy. In this guide we help you solve this secondary mission of the title.

Complete the stash side quest

If you have been at Hogwarts Legacy for a few hours, surely you already accumulate many secondary missions in your personal list. By completing them we will not only get experience (XP), but also new outfits and other rewards.

In this guide we help you solve the secondary mission of the stash, which Arthur Plummly commissions us, Hufflepuff student. We can find it in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.

When talking to Arthur, he will tell us that there is a hidden cache at Hogwarts, which we can only reach with the help of a marauder’s map. On this map (given to us by Arthur) we see three symbols:

  • A rhinoceros skeleton
  • A dragon shaped fountain
  • a mysterious painting

Each of these drawings represents a real location at Hogwarts Legacy. As you can imagine, to find the hidden stash you need to follow these clues in order.

The first thing we must do is find the rhinoceros skeleton (be careful, because there are several Daedalus keys nearby, to complete another secondary mission). It is located in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower.

Go down the nearest staircase three floors below. After, Go left and go down the central staircase.. There you will find the imposing skeleton.

Upon reaching the skeleton, we will be told where we should go next. As you can see on the map, you have to find the dragon-shaped fountain…which is in the Astronomy Wing.

Concretely, It is in the Courtyard of the Transfiguration. You can fast travel if you have progressed far enough in the story, but otherwise you must pin this location on the map and walk.

It is then that the third message appears: you must find a mysterious painting. to get to him you must go northwest of the fountain (in the Astronomy Wing)and go through two doors to come across a ladder on the right side.

When you go up this staircase you will find the painting in question (you will identify it because it matches the painting on the treasure map). What to do now? Use the Accio spell at the top of the box.

By doing so, you will be able to access a secret chest. Congratulations, you already got the historian outfitan exclusive outfit from this side quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Finally, go back to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower, and talk to Arthur. It will reward you with 180XP, and you can also keep the historian suit forever.

Hogwarts Legacy is available from today, February 10, on PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. The PS4/Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions launch on April 4 and July 25, respectively.

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