Where is the death birthday party room in Hogwarts Legacy

Where is the death birthday party room in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is full of locations full of magic… The school and castillo Hides multitude of rooms, passages and secrets well kept that only the most applied students will be able to find. If you don’t want to leave anything, don’t miss this guide.

Here we tell you how to find death birthday party room in Hogwarts Legacya unique location that cannot be accessed from the start of the game and requires you to complete a series of steps.

Where is the death birthday party room in Hogwarts Legacy

The Death Anniversary Party Hall o to death birthday party room only available once you beat the main quest “The Warden’s Lunar Lament” of the game. You will require the Alohomora enchantment to open the door with a level 1 lock.

As soon as you have this spell, you will be able to explore a number of locations that were previously inaccessible. One of them is the one that concerns us today and is near the Lower Grand Staircase. Near here you must descend the stairs in front.

Now turn right to continue down a hallway that leads to another hallway with two doors on each side. Ignore it and continue until you reach a corridor where the death birthday party room awaits you. This room is one of the most curious in the castle.

So you will have completed the challenge. Here we leave you with how to change your house in Hogwarts Legacy after choosing the sorting hat or how to get an exclusive mask and robe for FREE with its launch in PS5, Xbox Series X|S y PC.

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