Where to always find a kinetic blade in Fortnite season 2 chapter 4

Where to always find a kinetic blade in Fortnite season 2 chapter 4

Fortnite is still available on PC, PS4PS5, Xbox, Switch y mobile con Android e iOSbut now that Season 1 has finished and we are already in Season 2, it is time for a new one. guide with this kinetic sheet.

Remember that we already leave you with the solutions to the challenges of week 0 of Fortnite season 2 of Chapter 4, so that you can advance a little more in the Epic Games game.

It is clear that Fortnite reinvents itself in its MEGA season, even more so after seeing its new trailer and above all already having the gameplay on the table of the now best known as Fortnite Mega.

To start this guide a bit, it should be remembered that the kinetic blade is one of the new weapons of Fortnite C4T2; Mind you, it’s not the first sword in the game either.

Now that we’re in the season 2 episode 4 it can appear randomly in chests or on the ground, so it can be a bit elusive to catch.

Where to always find a kinetic blade in Fortnite season 2 chapter 4

For this reason and with this guide we want to make it clear, but you can always find one at this point on the map that we indicate a little below.

If with the image of the map you do not manage to clarify yourself completely well (it is understandable) you can also resort to the video that heads this news; because a video more than 100,000 words, or so they say.

The kinetic leaf in Fortnite It is located in a weapons display, on both sides of a combat and/or training arena.

In the video you can see how to get to the site and that the place is surrounded by bamboo. For more indication, it is appreciated that it is in the southeast part of the map.

But you can also find south of mega city in Fortnitein a city with Japanese architecture and east of the Fireblaze Shrine.

The katana gives the character two new moral moves, one of them being the Back Slash with which you can quickly finish off enemies. The other is the Quick Attack, which is very fast and has only three charges.

With this we are sure that you will always be able to locate a kinetic leaf in Fortnite season 2 chapter 4. If you are one of those who play Fortnite a lot, you will surely also be interested in these other guides:

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