Where to find all sKOpe units in Dead Island 2

Where to find all sKOpe units in Dead Island 2

There are many things that we can do in our games of Dead Island 2, and one of them is to find all the sKOpe units, and although at first your server is offline, things change later.

Behind one of the advanced missions of Dead Island 2you will have to reset this sKOpe network through the store on Ocean Avenue, something that will activate all sKOpe with specific information.

We have a total of 25 sKOpes scattered across almost all of Dead Island 2’s maps, 23 are accessible as soon as you get through, but there are a couple of them that you’ll find behind locked rooms, and you’ll have to come back later.

As soon as you find them, you will unlock their exclusive journal entry for the collectibles theme and to make it easy we tell you where to find them on each of the adventure maps.

Where to find all sKOpe units in Dead Island 2

The full list of all sKOpe units in the game, based on map zone:


  • In Curt Swanson’s first-floor sitting room.
  • At Emma Jaunt’s table.
  • When you complete the quest called “Death of the Party”, you will find it in Curtis Sinclair’s study.
  • Under the TV, near the kitchen, in Goat Pen’s house.

Hotel Halperin

  • At the reception desk
  • On a table in the civil evacuation baggage check area, outside the front door of the hotel.

Beverly Hills

  • In Farouk’s house under the TV on the first floor, but first you must complete the mission called “resurge of the Rex”.
  • You have another one in the house with the blue roof that is located to the west of Michael Anders’ house, specifically you must look for it in a chest of drawers that is located in the largest bedroom.
  • The mansion being remodeled, specifically look at the nightstand in the largest bedroom.
  • In the control room of the wastewater treatment plant.
  • On the second floor of the military research facility, specifically on the desk inside the office.

Monarch Studios

  • In Jimmy Montana’s trailer
  • In the trailer of Kelli Jo Longeteig
  • In the trailer of Alesis Hernández

venice beach

  • At the Burger 66 counter
  • In Rodriguez’s rescue tower, specifically, look on the kitchen counter by the stairs.
  • At the Venice Autos garage office.

Ocean Avenue

  • At the reception desk of the Serling Hotel
  • At the Silver and Steel Lotusville office in the back office.
  • In the second floor conference room of channel 24 LA News
  • On the desk in the server room of the OSK store

Santa Monica Pier

  • On the desk in the tower of the salvage headquarters
  • In the Funland Arcade office.

The subway

  • On the shelf in the zombie-free laundry room.

Hollywood Boulevard

  • On the desk in the back room of the reaging clinic

So, with this you know where to find all the interactive sKOpes to complete your diary collection.

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