Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy

Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy

We have a lot of collectibles that we can get at Hogwarts Legacy, and one of the most difficult are butterflies, which we will find 15 throughout the adventure.

The complicated thing to find the collectibles of the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacyis that they are not marked on the map until you get very close, so if you do not know very well where they are located, it is likely that you will leave some of them.

Once you reach the area near the butterfly, it will appear on the map, but it will not be counted until you complete a small minigame.

Basically what you have to do is follow the group of butterflies until they stop in place, and then cast the revelio spell to reveal a chest and when you open it, you will complete that specific location of the butterflies.

And now we tell you where all the Hogwarts Legacy butterflies are so you don’t miss any of them.

Where to find all the butterflies in Hogwarts Legacy

As we said above, you must first locate the original group of butterflies, then chase them, and then use the revelio spell to make the chest appear and open it, and we will be counted.

First we are going to offer you a general map of the location of all the butterflies:

Now we go to each specific case where we are going to offer you three screenshots:

  • The first screenshot refers to the original place where the set of butterflies that you must chase will appear.
  • The second screenshot is your specific location on the map in bird’s eye view.
  • And the third capture is the most specific place, in zoom view, where the butterflies that you must chase will appear.

With all this clear, let’s go for the 15 butterflies:

Butterflies 1 in North Ford Bog

Butterflies 2 in the forbidden forest

Butterflies 3 in the Valley of Hogsmeade

Butterfly 4 in the northern region of Hogwarts, is part of the secondary mission called “follow the butterflies”.

Butterflies 5. Same as above and is part of the same mission

Butterflies 6 located in the southern region of Hogwarts

Butterflies 7 same as above

Butterflies 8. In the Valley of Hogwarts

Butterflies 9 same as above

Butterflies 10 same as above

Butterflies 11 located in the Feldcroft region

Butterflies 12 same as above

Butterflies 13 on the Poidsear coast

Butterflies 14 same as above

Butterflies 15 located on the coast of Clagmar

This way, you know where all the butterflies are at Hogwarts Legacy to complete one of the most difficult collectibles.

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