Where to find all the gargoyles in The Dark Pictures Switchback VR

Where to find all the gargoyles in The Dark Pictures Switchback VR

A new horror adventure has begun in PS VR2, Sony’s new virtual reality viewer, available from February 22 for PS5. We have already enjoyed titles as interesting as Horizon Call of the Mountain, Moss: Book II or The Dark Pictures Switchback VR.

Surely you remember the horror saga of Supermassive Games. Unlike the rest of the franchise, Switchback VR is an on-rails shooter that takes full advantage of the capabilities of PS VR2.

Although the shots and the terror are the main gear of the title, in The Dark Pictures Switchback VR there is also room for ”exploration”.

If you want to get 100% out of the game, you will have to get a trophy that consists of find all gargoyles. In this guide we show you where each one of them is.

Gargoyles: where to find them all

The Dark Pictures Switchback VR has a trophy called The Gargoyle Destroyer. As its name says, the only way to achieve it requires that Let’s find the 12 gargoyles scattered throughout the levels.

These gargoyles are targets that we can shoot at, and they also glow yellow (like bonus points), so they are easy to spot.

You should know that although The Dark Pictures Switchback VR levels have several paths, these 12 gargoyles are not in these branches. You will find them in the linear paths.

To complete the objective, you must not only locate each gargoyle, but also shoot them. Be careful, because sometimes the “rails” of the game go too fast, so take care of your reflexes.

Of the 12 gargoyles in The Dark Pictures Switchback VR, two of them are in the opening credits of the game. About the other ten, you will find one in each level of the adventure.

These are the locations of the 12 gargoyles:

  • Gargoyle 1: at level 1, during the tutorial to shoot the marked targets. You will find it on your left.
  • Gargoyle 2: In the final stretch of level 2. When leaving the room full of enemies, immediately look to your left to locate it.
  • Gargoyle 3: In the final stretch of level 3. When the second battle against the demon ends, you will enter through a hole in an ascending position. It’s on the right (inside the room).
  • Gargoyle 4: during the passage through the bridge of level 4. There are openings on both sides. Look to the right at the second opening on the bridge, and you’ll find her at the bottom.
  • Gargoyle 5: At the end of level 5, you will travel to a church. Look at the fence on the left, which is where this gargoyle is hidden.
  • Gargoyle 6: once you are on the top floor of the temple (in the final section of level 6), you will see a large opening on the right side. It is next to a stone pillar.
  • Gargoyle 7: found in the seventh level of the game. You will have to discover it yourself.
  • Gargoyle 8: When you cross the scene with the robot playing the piano (on level 8), look to the right to see the gargoyle next to a bookcase.
  • Gargoyle 9: When leaving the first building, you will cross an outdoor area next to the forest. When you cross the first wall, look to the right and you will see the gargoyle in the middle of the forest.
  • Gargoyle 10: Found in the ice cave on the last level. It is in the upper left part of the ceiling of this cave.
  • Gargoyle 11: just start the opening credits, to your left.
  • Gargoyle 12: just start the opening credits, to your right.

The Dark Pictures Switchback VR is available exclusively for PS VR2, so you can only play it on a PS5. Its price is 39.99 euros through PS Store and in physical format.

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