Where to find all the “shiny” beasts of Hogwarts Legacy

Where to find all the "shiny" beasts of Hogwarts Legacy

In the style of a Pokemon game, we can find a series of creatures, in various versions, throughout the world of Hogwarts Legacy, and this is good news for lovers of animated collectibles.

Well, depending on the area in which we are on the map of Hogwarts Legacy, a series of creatures could appear to us that not only have a distinction in gender, but also their descendants. And best of all, some of these creatures may have a special motif that characterizes them, in the style of shiny Pokemon.

In fact, all the creatures that we can find in Hogwarts Legacy have certain aesthetic differences, be they male, female and their descendants, and obviously the shiny beasts They have other differences.

That is why we are going to show you exactly how to force the appearance of shiny beasts in Hogwarts Legacyand those found in each of the main areas.

Where to find all the “shiny” beasts of Hogwarts Legacy

As you well know, the nursery It is a kind of sanctuary for all the animals that we have found, and although most of them will be of the normal variant, we also have the shiny ones.

These Shiny creatures or beasts usually have a star icon on their nameplate, and they tend to have a different color.

Force spawn shiny beasts

While it’s not a foolproof trick, it’s showing that we can somehow force these creatures to appear with a different hue.

The idea is that we first find the type of beast that we want to get by going to its lair. Get some of these critters to add to the nursery.

What you should do now is open the map, and press the button to change the cycle from day to night.

Now save the game manually and restart from the last save.

This is basically a way to reload the game, so that the game repopulates the area with creatures, if any are missing.

In this way, from the ones you captured before, now the game will repopulate this area and there would be some chances that this new creature is now shiny.

All the shiny beasts in the forest nursery

All the shiny beasts in the swamp nursery

All the shiny beasts in the coastal nursery

All the shiny beasts in the prairie nursery

So in these specific areas of the Hogwarts Legacy map we can end up finding these creatures, already knowing what each of their special variants look like.

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