Where to find and how to beat Dondozo, the Deceptive Dragon from Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

Where to find and how to beat Dondozo, the Deceptive Dragon from Pokémon Scarlet and Purple

Pokemon Scarlet and Purple They are sweeping the Nintendo Switch and if you want to get the most out of these games, you better know all their secrets. Therefore, here we come to talk about one of the most interesting pokémon.

We talk about Dondozo, Deceitful Dragon, the last great Pokemon Scarlet and Purple Dominant pokemon you have to beat and the highest level one. If you don’t know how to find him, fear not, here we give you all the keys.

Where to find and how to beat Dondozo, the false dragon from Pokemon Scarlet and Purple

This Pokemon is one of the most special in the game. can be found in the wild in lakes of Lago Cazola while swimming on the surface. It is only a matter of patience to find it, although there is a way to find a large one.

Indeed, we are talking about Dondozo, the Deceitful Dragonother Dominant pokemon. To find this giant specimen you must go to the north of the lake, specifically to a small island where you will see a Tatsugiri that collaborates to look for prey next to the Dondozo.

Interact with the little guy and the fight will start. However, you will have to search for him again. Defeat him and head to the largest island in Lake Cazola. Once you get there go to the north cliff and you should see the Tatsugiri again. It’s time to finish what you started.

The Pokemon’s weaknesses are Grass and Electric types. It’s important to defeat this particular Dondozo, because if you do you will unlock a mount ability for Koraidon and Miraidonthat of climbing surfaces, something almost essential if you want to explore.

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