Where to find Ashwinder eggs in Hogwarts Legacy and why it is good to have a large reserve

Where to find Ashwinder eggs in Hogwarts Legacy and why it is good to have a large reserve

Due to the vastness of the world of Hogwarts Legacy, we have a multitude of resources that we are going to need for our games.

One of those resources that are not easy to find in Hogwarts Legacy are the called ashwinder eggsand it is convenient that you have a large set of them in inventory.

Unlike other resources in Hogwarts Legacy, the truth is that finding Ashwinder eggs is not easy and, when we find them, they are usually quite limited.

So in this guide Hogwarts Legacy we are going to focus on telling you the best methods to get eggs Ashwinder and also some specific locations where they usually appear.

Where to find Ashwinder eggs in Hogwarts Legacy and why it is good to have a large reserve

First and foremost, Ashwinder Eggs are an essential ingredient in creating some of the most powerful potions like Edarus.

The Edarus is a spell that gives us a protective rocky skin that is ideal for big confrontations.

Best places and methods to get Ashwinder eggs

The easiest and most direct is obviously buying them, and for this you must go to the J. Pippins store in Hogsmeade.

Here you can buy them for 150 coins each, but not only in this place, but there are other vendors who have it, but in a random and very limited way, so talk to all the merchants you see throughout the game .

The other way we have is to meet in nature, and we have a few options near Hogwarts Castle.

We recommend that you go through the rocky terrain in the areas of the cliffs or at ground level, since there are usually quite a few at ground level, so don’t think that they are only at high altitudes.

As we said, go near Hogwarts Castle but around the rocky perimeter where the Quidditch theme is, and specifically you will find a couple of nests with eggs near the group of witches and wizards who fly kites in the morning, even another group of five nests above this area.

Another place where we are going to be able to find them is near houses, but also in caves, and in abandoned campfires all over the map.

That is why it is recommended that you check all the camps that you come across because it is likely that you will also get a large set of eggs.

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