Where to find the blue medallions of Resident Evil 4 Remake to complete the peddler’s order in chapter 1

Where to find the blue medallions of Resident Evil 4 Remake to complete the peddler's order in chapter 1

Today begins a new journey through the terror of Resident Evil. Whether you played the 2005 original or not, Resident Evil 4 Remake promises to haunt you every night from now on. Surely many of you are already exploring the cursed town (located in Spain, neither more nor less).

Although the girl from Resident Evil 4 Remake is in its main story, this new version incorporates a series of secondary objectives that lengthen its duration.

Is about 19 charges that makes us the Peddler, the itinerant merchant who sells us weapons, herbs and other objects. You can find them in every chapter (sometimes even several at once).

In this guide we will talk about the first order of the Peddler, located in chapter 1 of Resident Evil 4 Remakewhich invites us to destroy a series of blue medallions.

How to find the blue medallions on the farm?

The Peddler’s first assignment is to destroy five blue medallions. These represent the sect of the game, and this asks us to eliminate any trace of said formation.

The five medallions are in the farm, one of the locations we visited in the village (or the town). It is, without a doubt, the most emblematic setting of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

In order to activate the order, you will have to find a blue notelocated near the Buhonero of this area.

Before reaching the sealed door (at the bottom of the tunnel), you will see a blue note on the right wall. Take the note and open the inventory to read it.

now you must find the five blue medallions, and destroy them. All you have to do is shoot them (with one bullet for each one will suffice).

Below we show you the location of each medallion, both on the map and in the game itself:

medallion 1

In the streets of the farm area (outside), go to the brick house with a roof. Inside you will find a typewriter to save the game.

From outside, look at one of the corners of the house. Indeed, there is the first medallion that you must shoot.

medallion 2

In the farm area, you must go to the barn. the medallion It is located in the stable areaalthough it can also be seen from outside.

Whether from inside the barn or not, the second medallion is next to one of the wooden doors.

medallion 3

In the outer zone of the farm, you must visualize a shed with wooden beams which is on the left side of this stage.

It is actually a cabin. Look up as soon as you enter, and you will see the third medallion on top of one of the beams.

medallion 4

From the outside of the farm, note the position of the large barn (from which we shot the second medallion).

On its facade you will see a window… from which the fourth medallion hangs. Have a good aim, because it would not be good to waste more than one bullet.

medallion 5

To find the fifth and last blue medallion, you must go to the right area of ​​the farm. There is the sanctuary.

Next to a fence (the one that borders the windmill), you will see the medallion high up on a wooden fence.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is available from today, March 24, at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S y PC. In this report you can learn about the big differences that exist between the classic and the new version.

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