Where to find the Mysterious Orb in God of War Ragnarok and get Lunda’s armor

Where to find the Mysterious Orb in God of War Ragnarok and get Lunda's armor

Missions and more missions to complete in God of War Ragnarok. If you are getting the most out of the PS5 and PS4 game, here we are going to leave you the resolution of one of the secondary tasks that will allow you to get a very interesting armor.

Lunda the Dwarf Blacksmithwill entrust us find a very precious orb for her. This is located in Vanaheimbut in addition, you can also take the opportunity to find the three pieces of armor that are near this object so that it can make you a unique set.

Where to find the Mysterious Orb in God of War Ragnarok and get Lunda’s armor

Well, where can you find this orb, you will ask. to find him you must travel the river from Vanaheim to the mystic gate of the delta. All this has to be during the day, but your path has to continue south following the current.

You will have to follow the same path as for Complete “Freya’s Lost Peace”, but to overcome a stone wall you must demolish it before disembarking on a nearby beach. You have to climb a chain that you have to release from a platform in front. (picture).

Now continue with the boat and, instead of going in the direction where you can complete Freya’s mission, you must go where the river follows. You will come to a cave and you will see a small beach. Go ashore and you will have a chance to open a copper from the Norns and also get the Orb.

Now you can go back to Lunda and find out why that orb was so important to her… We won’t comment. However, on the way back you can open a few chests that contain the three pieces of Lunda’s armor.

  • Lunda’s Broken Breastplate: It is located in the Garden of Nóatún in a chamber on the left side of this area.
  • Broken Lunda Bracers: in the area known as the Veiled Passage.
  • Broken Belt of Lunda: In the Cliff Ruins area, near a drawbridge that you can activate.

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