Who reveals their cards first in Marvel Snap (and why it matters more than you think)

Who reveals their cards first in Marvel Snap (and why it matters more than you think)

Marvel Snapthe free to play card game for mobiles with Marvel characters and the director of Hearthstone, is being a huge success, so we continue reviewing the basic concepts in these Marvel Snap guides… that may teach you more about the ones you believe

For example, it is possible that you have never considered who reveals their cards first in Marvel Snapor you have never given importance to it.

But knowing who shows up first in Marvel Snap is something that can be crucial in a game, almost without you realizing it. In this guide we explain everything that entails…

Who reveals their cards first in Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap matches are played over 6 turns, with the goal of having the highest score in three locations by the end of turn 6. While who wins the entire game doesn’t really matter in the end, it does influence who reveals their abilities first. letters.

A Marvel Snap, the one who is “winning” in the game will reveal his cards first, that is, the one with the most won locations. And if it is a tie, as usually happens, it will be “winning” the one with the most number of points by adding all its locations.

If a tie still occurs (also tied on points), it will be chosen randomly (as it also happens on turn 1).

In any case, you’ll be able to tell who’s going to have the initiative each turn by looking at the player names at the top of the screen: the one that’s glowing slightly will reveal first.

Why Reveal First at Marvel Snap Matters

Revealing first in Marvel Snap is usually always going to be preferable. There will be turns in which it doesn’t matter, but some abilities can be affected by what the opponent has in front of them, particularly if they are cards When Revealed.

Cosmo, for example, is a card with an On Reveal effect that, when revealed, prevents On Reveal effects from activating at that location. If he reveals himself first, he can screw up your entire play.

Another important detail is that your own cards will be revealed in the order you put them on the table. Iron Fist has a On Reveal effect that will move the next card you play to the left. This can be a card from the next turn, or a card from that turn itself if you have played more than one card.

Therefore, if your goal is to use Iron Fist’s Iron Fist to move a card that benefits from being moved, such as Vulturewhich earns 3 points, or Multiple Manwhich doubles when it moves, make sure to PLACE Iron Fist first, and then whatever you want.

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