Wo Long: helpful tips and tricks for beginners

Wo Long: helpful tips and tricks for beginners

Although Wo Long Fallen Dynasty may be familiar to you to a certain extent if you’ve played licenses like Dynasty Warriors, the truth is that it has a particular game system that deals with the spirit.

In this way, play Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty It can certainly be challenging at first, with a learning curve that isn’t entirely pleasant.

That is why it is convenient to know a series of tips and tricks that you should use from your first moments in the games of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

So we are going to give you these tips that you are going to need during those first hours of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, to cut with the best possible learning curve.

Wo Long: helpful tips and tricks for beginners

use verticality

Unlike other similar titles, here we will have the appropriate skip button, and you will appreciate it.

This opens up a multitude of possibilities in the levels, since we can explore them vertically, being able to find rewards or alternative routes. It is convenient that you locate any jumping area to be able to take advantage of it, and not leave out any type of bonus.

The need to block

Blocking is tremendously important, and would allow you to redirect the enemy’s attacks, with just a well-timed button press.

Note that blocking drains the spirit gauge, which is kind of like a stamina bar.

The good thing is that we can block or dodge almost anything we want, but you also have to attack to balance it.

update equipment

Do not make the mistake of always using the same equipment even if it works for you, it is essential that you experiment with different equipment that you find.

You’re going to find a lot of loot, and you need to know how to manage your inventory properly, and a small difference in equipment parameters can be crucial for enemies later on.

Use all kinds of weapons

Do not use only the sword, but all the weapons you can, it is good to specialize.

Not only are you going to find new different sets of animations, but it will be useful for other types of enemies and also to balance the rest of the set.

Take advantage of the environment

Thanks to the environment, that is, the environment, we will be able to make environmental traps, and that we can use against enemies.

nothing happens to die

Unlike other similar titles, it is not a bad thing to die, since you will respawn at the edge of the place where you fell with less health.

Then again, you don’t lose all of the in-game currency either, only half.

Also, if an enemy kills you, then it will only be a little stronger, so you can defeat it without much difficulty.

Do not keep the boxes and chests with rewards

You don’t need to break absolutely everything you find on the stage, because only those boxes or areas that contain some kind of reward are the ones that shine.

So if you want to save time, just dedicate yourself to breaking those things that shine to get the relevant rewards.

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