AORUS C500 GLASS: the new gaming case from GIGABYTE

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GIGABYTE launches the new AORUS C500 GLASS gaming case, a mid-tower with an exceptional design designed to offer optimized airflow

GIGABYTEthe world’s leading manufacturer of gamer hardware, today announced the new mid-tower gaming case: AORUS C500 GLASS. You have already particularly impressed us for having achieved it the world record in overclocking, and has returned to attract our attention with this new product. Designed for a exceptional cooling, the new Taiwanese gem provides optimized airflow management. In addition, it allows the use of systems of water cooling up to 420mm allowing the whole case to achieve extreme performance. In terms of assembly, AORUS C500 GLASS offers simple ideas, such as aexcellent cable management or an ingenious anti-fall tempered glass panel. Read on for discover the details of the new case!

AORUS C500 GLASS: the new gaming case from GIGABYTE

Maximum compatibility

Il gaming case AORUS C500 GLASS can host E-ATX motherboards. It features 190mm CPU coolers, 420mm long graphics card and 220mm PSU. The ventilation system supports three 140mm or 120mm fans on the front panel, two 140mm or three 120mm fans on the top panel, and one 140mm or two 120mm fans on the rear. Furthermore, AORUS C500 GLASS comes with three 120mm ARGB / PWM fans pre-installed in the front and one 120mm ARGB / PWM fan in the rear. THE liquid cooling systems they are managed by different radiators: up to 420 mm at the front, up to 360 mm at the top and up to 140 mm at the rear. Hard drive installation is simplified with multiple slots that can accommodate 2 2.5 “SSDs and 2 3.5” HDDs.

Easy to install. Easy to use.

The swing panel design allows users to install the fans and radiator without removing the front panel, which not only can avoid the risk of pulling the cables, but is also convenient for making any hardware changes and making operations easier cleaning. In terms of installing the power supply, you can mount the power supply on the mounting plate in advance, then push it into the case from the rear side. The frame is equipped with dust filters magnetic on the top and a removable one on the bottom, which prevent long-term accumulation of dust and offer the better cooling performance. In addition, the integrated ARGB and PWM controller hub AORUS C500 GLASS provides five 5V 3-pin ARGB connectors and five PWM connectors, allowing users to connect additional RGB strips and fans.

AORUS C500 GLASS: the new gaming case from GIGABYTE

Personalization at extreme levels

AORUS C500 GLASS supports the installation of the Vertical or horizontal GPUgiving gamers the ability to choose the best viewing angle for their graphics card. GIGABYTE takes into account the thickness and shape of the card and provides two vertical support kits that can accommodate 73 mm and 160 mm thick cards, respectively, in order to avoid users problems related to the management of inadequate dimensions. Also, users can download the software RGB FUSION 2.0 to customize the various lighting effects and RGB colors to make the gaming case perfect to accommodate all the devices in the line AORUSmaking the PC a true and wonderful work of art.

No more cables everywhere

The cable management will no longer be a problema thanks to some cable grooves and holes in the rear cab, users can manage the placement of cables quickly and flexibly. On the back there is a wider groove around the edge to increase the additional space to hide the cables. Users with multiple cables can make proper use of these nooks and crannies to manage them. This avoids the problem of the side panel not closing due to cables. In addition, proper wiring management allows you to optimize the air flow and therefore the quality of the cooling.

Tempered glass panel

The 4mm side tempered glass has a special structure. During removal, the side panel is first opened by tilting it, which greatly simplifies removal operations, avoiding the risk that it may accidentally slip. In addition, the non-perforated glass design effectively reduces the risk of fragmentation in the event of breakage, allowing users to remove it easily and safely, while also extending the life of the product.

AORUS C500 GLASS: the new gaming case from GIGABYTE

Periferiche USB 3.1 Gen-2 Type-C

Finally, the two USB 3.0 ports adopt 11 core material cables, which make the signal transfer more stable. In addition, it also features a USB 3.1 Gen-2 Type-C port and an audio port.

What do you think of this new jewel of the house GIGABYTE? In our opinion, it remains only to give vent to creativity to create the PC gaming of dreams! Let us know in the comments and keep following

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