NETGEAR: the benefits of a portable router

In this article we report Netgear’s advice on why it is more useful to use a portable router rather than hotspot with a smartphone

Thanks to the high temperatures and the desire to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, more and more people are about to leave for the summer holidays. From the mountains to the sea, from the lake to the cities of art, one of the problems that most travelers share is having a WiFi connection stable and safe. Whether it is to follow a live streaming event – this year the Series will start in mid-August – or to play online, relying exclusively on your smartphone used as a hotspot is perhaps not always the best choice.

NETGEAR: the benefits of a portable router

Netgear: why choose a portable router?

Based on its experience in the field of WiFi connection, Netgear illustrates the 4 main reasons why it is preferable to have a mobile router instead of using your smartphone in hotspot mode:

  • Safety: the WiFi network generated by a smartphone in hotspot mode is an open and vulnerable network that easily allows third parties to access all the contents of the smartphone and the various devices connected to it.
  • Reduced battery life of the phone already tested by very high temperatures. Just think that 2 hours of use of the smartphone as a hotspot is equivalent to more than 12 hours of standard use.
  • Maximum number of devices that can be connected: another limit of the smartphone used as a hotspot is the maximum number of devices that can be connected, up to 3, with the impossibility of guaranteeing the necessary bandwidth for each of them.
  • Reduced coverage and lack of control of connected devices: using the smartphone as a hotspot, it is not possible to monitor the activities carried out by the connected devices, the consumption of data, etc.

To overcome all these limits it is necessary to rely on a LTE portable router with SIM. With Nighthawk products, light, powerful, resistant and with a long battery life, Netgear meets the needs of anyone who needs powerful and performing WiFi wherever they are. The models M1 e M2 are meant for travelers who are looking for a simple but high performance product; while M5 is the mobile router includes the most innovative technologies on the market today. In fact, M5 integrates 5G connection and WiFi technology 6, delivering optimized performance and unprecedented speed. At each router it is possible to connect at least 30 devices at the same time and, thanks to the design touchscreen compact and with a simple and intuitive interface, it allows users to manage the network and connection efficiently.

NETGEAR: the benefits of a portable router


Netgear Nighthawk M1, M2 and M5 products are available on the Netgear Store from € 279.99 and at authorized dealers.

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