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Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and more!

Incastrati, the series that marked the successful debut of Ficarra & Picone in the world of seriality, is back with season 2: let’s find out the release date, the cast and everything we know together

Among the many titles arriving on Netflix, whether they are films or TV series, the choice is yours, we also find an Italian production whose first season had a stellar success (so much so that it was renewed, precisely, for a second and last season). We are obviously talking about Incastrati, the series which marked the successful debut of the comic duo Ficarra and Picone in the world of TV series and returns with a second season consisting of six episodes starting March 2 exclusively on Netflix, in all countries where the service is active. The new episodes will find Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone both behind and in front of the camera, as directors, screenwriters and actors.

Stuck Season 2 is now on its way out: here’s the trailer, where do we start again?

Is there a trailer for the second season of Fitted? Of course yes, and we left it right here for you. The second season of INCASTRATI begins where the first ended: Salvo and Valentino are in danger of life. Our two “heroes” find themselves, again, framed and trapped in a series of events within which it is difficult to extricate themselves without hurting the feelings of the people they love.

To complicate things an endless sequence of twists and novelties including a double homicide behind which a mysterious man is hiding, the entry into the scene of foreign criminals, the complex investigations into the “Gambino murder case” that find no solutions, the increasingly stormy relationship between Salvo, Valentino and their respective companions. Also this new season will always be poised between the typical comedy of Ficarra and Picone and the canonical codes of the thriller genre on which the entire series is based.

Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and more!

cast | Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and everything we know!

The series is produced by Attilio De Razza for Tramp Limited, while the second season keeps the same writing team active as the first. We will therefore find, in addition to Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone, also Fabrizio Testini, Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli.

The two comedians are obviously also an integral part of the cast of actors who will alternate in Stuck Season 2 and which also includes Anna Favella (Ester), Marianna di Martino (Agatha Scalia), Tony Sperandeo (Tonino Macaluso, called “Cosa Useless”), Maurice Marchetti (Goalkeeper Martorana), Dominic Centamore (Don Lorenzo, called “Primo Sale”), Sergio Friscia (Sergeon) and Mary Cipolla (Signora Antonietta), and with the participation of Leo Gullotta (Prosecutor Nicolosi).

Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and more!

Direction | Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and everything we know!

With regard to the direction of the second season of Incastrati, Ficarra and Picone intervened, who stated:

Like (almost) all TV series, also Incastrati envisaged that the events narrated would have a sequel, and after seeing the excellent reception of the first season by the spectators we had no more hesitations and dived with renewed enthusiasm into the creation of this second season. The thing we were most passionate about (as already happened for the first season) was the possibility of continuing to unravel the plot in several episodes and seasons and, in doing so, continue to follow the evolution of the events and the psychology of the characters : their ambitions, their fears, upheavals and successes.

The comedy duo then continued:

Also for Incastrati 2 it was interesting to re-describe a particular and now marginal Sicily: a certain crime, a certain hidden and unspoken mafia but still far from being defeated and annihilated forever. Furthermore, this second season has allowed us on the one hand to get back to working with several actors that we have known and respected for a long time and who are magnificent artists and professionals (some of whom were already present in the first season), and on the other to show places and territories of our native land who, very often, are also protagonists in all respects.

To then conclude:

Making Stuck 2 for us generally meant continuing to play with the contamination of genres. In other words, continuing to use the typical elements of comedy cinema as a detonator within the structure of the thriller genre to explode the narrative and do what has always been done in comedy: get into trouble, and try to get out of it and get out of the way as soon as possible awkwardly possible.

Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and more!

Production | Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and everything we know!

Stuck 2 continues to combine, as already done from the first season, the canons and rhythm of the crime genre with the comedy strongly anchored in the reality of Ficarra and Picone. To continue narrating the tragicomic events in which Salvo and Valentino remain involved and stuck, in spite of themselves, every detail of the series seems to have been taken care of with the utmost attention, starting from the casting of which we spoke carefully a little further on. Also this time, the precious casting work done in the area to find actresses and actors who cover all the secondary and minor roles should be highlighted.

Even the technical crew has been confirmed in full: we find the direction of photography Daniel Cypri, one of the greatest and most renowned masters of Italian cinema, as well as winner of two David di Donatello and four Nastri d’Argento for best photography. To the music we find Paolo Buonvino, collaborator of other well-known Italian directors (Muccino, Placido, Virzì among others). At the costumes we find Cristina Francioniwhile the screenplays are signed by Biagio Fersini. Finally, the assembly was entrusted (as in the past for other works by Ficarra and Picone) to Claudio DiMauro.

Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and more!

The soundtrack | Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and everything we know!

Paolo Buonvino commented on his work on Stuck Season 2:

It is said that melancholy and the elaboration of pain are the main sources of inspiration for an artist. Commonplaces: working with Ficarra and Picone is not only hilarious, but it is often also a moment of inspiration and reflection on important issues. Being together and sharing a certain Sicilian spirit have led me, through lightness and irony, to also express fundamental concepts of freedom and sharing that are very important to me. Using the violin outside the ranks, or singing Ciauru di libero were some of the musical elements that arose from this new encounter that is very precious to me. Happy to be “stuck” again.

Stranded Season 2: Release, cast, trailer and more!

We wait patiently!

And that’s all we know about the upcoming release of Stranded 2! Let us know if you will follow the series, which we remind you will be broadcast exclusively on Netflix starting March 2, below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the news from the world of cinema and TV series!

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