AQL: ESCAPE earphones and KYMA headphones with ANC are coming

AQL, the Cellularline brand dedicated to the audio world, announces the launch of two new products with noise canceling technologies: the TWS ESCAPE earphones and the KYMA headphones.

When we listen to music or are engaged in a phone call, noises from the surrounding environment often cause us many difficulties. A busy street, the chatter of colleagues in the office, or perhaps a noisy neighbor when we are in smart working: there are many occasions when it becomes complicated to be understood by our interlocutor.

A simple solution to these problems comes from AQL: the brand of Cellularline dedicated to the world of audio announces the launch of the earphones True Wireless ESCAPE and of cuffie Bluetooth KYMA, both equipped with technologies for the reduction of external noise.

AQL: ESCAPE earphones and KYMA headphones with ANC are coming


ESCAPE is a True Wireless headset from capsule shape, comfortable and easily wearable. The case allows up to 6 refills, for a full 30 hours of playtime. What characterizes ESCAPE is the system Environment Noise Cancelling, which guarantees our interlocutors a high listening clarity even in noisy contexts. It is therefore the ideal headset for daily calls, because it allows you to always be understood clearly and without any background noise, a fundamental aspect especially in work contexts. ESCAPE is also equipped with tecnologia Qualcomm.aptx, which further improves the quality of the playback sound.


KYMA instead, it is an elegant Bluetooth headset, easy to take anywhere thanks to the foldable design and to travel case included. The soft earpads and the driver da 40mm offer great comfort and deep, powerful bass. The noise reduction for KYMA is done with the tecnologia ANC Active Noise Cancelling, which helps to increase our isolation from outside noise, providing a better listening experience in any environment you are in. For calls, the microfono Clear Voice it makes our voice clearer and more understandable even for those on the other end of the handset.

With KYMA and ESCAPE, therefore, AQL aims to ensure the best sound quality in every daily situation, whether it is a work call or enjoying your favorite song on the subway. We remind you to continue following the tuttooteK pages, to be always updated on the world of hardware, electronics and much more!

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