Technology at the service of the user experience, the example of QuiGioco

Let's discover QuiGioco together, a new platform in the great universe of online casinos and also a virtuous example

How can success be explained if not by paying attention to the experience of fans? The new online gaming platform uses technology and innovation to put the user at the center of its mission. A virtuous model that can also be copied by other sectors.

Technology at the service of the user experience, the example of QuiGiocoTechnology at the service of the user experience, the example of QuiGioco

Comfort, fun, accessibility, a pinch of challenge and lots of entertainment. Ultimately the recipe for success is something simple, but to make it you must first have all the ingredients available and then, obviously, know how to put them together.

The model we want to propose today comes from the world of gambling but can also be exported to other sectors. It is that of QuiGioco, a new platform in the great universe of AAMS online casinos, managed by HBG Online Gaming, which presents itself as the new leader of the gaming panorama.

Customization and diversification

The first step to success is to design the right marketing campaign. QuiGioco has created a series of bonus packages to which it is difficult to find a competitor: there are those upon registration, with a fun bonus of 750 euros, or the first deposit bonus, through the Sports Bonus, the Poker Bonus and the Bingo Bonus. An attitude that looks at the personalization of the offer, with users who feel involved and put at the center by the brand.

Customization, however, alone would not be able to keep players' interest alive and make them loyal to their platform. For this, another touch is also needed: that of diversification. Offering different solutions, in this case of gaming, is fundamental. Imagine Netflix with only action movies, or a pizzeria that only offers margherita. On QuiGioco you can therefore find betting, slot machines, poker, horse racing, live casinos and much more, precisely to offer users a vast range of solutions and forms of entertainment.

The role of technology

A diversification that would not be possible without the use of technology and in particular thanks to the collaboration with the best international software houses. From NetEnt to Playtech, from Novomatic to Pragmatic Play, which on the one hand allow high standards of security and reliability to be respected, and on the other offer a dynamic and always updated gaming experience. High security standards mean electronic payment solutions that are clear, simple and above all transparent. There are various possibilities in this sense, as this review by QuiGioco confirms, but we especially want to highlight the A-PAY E-Wallet, a tool that rides the wave of the growing digitalisation of payment methods and transactions.

Finally, the technology of the actual gaming experience, the one that looks at the graphic interface. The layout is well structured, with a natural and facilitated interaction, the vivid and colorful graphics invite the user to action and make navigation intuitive. “Usability”, this is the key word for offering platforms, apps or websites that manage to penetrate the minds and hearts of users. Because in the vast world of the web everything must be clear, easy, pleasant and quick. If you can't, then you're out. A ruthless fight, in short, that can be won by looking at virtuous models like that of QuiGioco.