Bungie hires staff for a new multiplayer IP action

It seems that Bungie is ready to leave Destiny behind, as the team is currently looking for staff to employ in the development of a new multiplayer IP action.

Bungie and multiplayer have always gone hand in hand, since the days of the first Halo, which was able to revolutionize the world of FPS on consoles thanks to its incredible (for the period) multiplayer modes. A legacy that was expressed very well also in the two Destiny, the latest creatures of the US team, which in any case does not give up looking to the future, as shown by the job advertisements relating to the development of a new IP.

Bungie: new multiplayer IP in development

A couple of months ago the DestinyNews + portal had noticed a job advertisement, published by Bungie, through which a designer of multiplayer systems was sought, all to be allocated to development of a new IP, whose focus would be the Competitive PvP and the world of esports. This was followed very recently by a new request, this time relating to the figure of an “incubation sandbox designer”. In short, it seems that the company is ready to leave behind Destiny, to devote himself to the realization of a new IP, which at the moment appears to be a action game multiplayer.

“Are you eager to create games that bring players together, within deeply engaged communities? Do you spend your time thinking about how different game mechanics can connect to create exciting team play moments? Are you eager to find out how to create gameplay that can strongly take into account the player’s intentions, gameplay and readability? “

This is the text of the announcement in question, which seems to be very explanatory about what will be the next playful creature of Bungie.

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