From today, Apple Music is also available on Waze

Da oggi Apple Music è disponibile anche su Waze thumbnail

Driving is beautiful and relaxing. But it is only so if at least four conditions are met: you have to do it safely, avoiding the wrong roads, with good music and avoiding traffic. It must be said that with Wazewhich now supports Apple Music, at least the first three are insured. The navigation app, used free of charge by more than 140 million users in 185 countrieshas in fact announced the arrival of Apple Music in its program Audio Player. In this way, motorists will be able to enjoy a simple solution to listen to music, in high quality reproduction, while maintaining a safe driving.

Waze Audio Player welcomes Apple Music

Immediately after its launch in 2018, Waze Audio Player has signed numerous partnerships with the major audio streaming platforms in circulation. The idea behind it is to offer as many sound catalogs as possible, including not only music playlists, but also podcasts, audio books and news. In short, a versatile catalog suitable for the needs of any motorist.

Waze Apple 2

And it is precisely in this perspective that the collaboration with Apple Music arrives today, with an optimized integration thanks to the direct connection between the two apps. Just open the Waze player and click on the music note icon. At that point, by selecting Apple Music, you will have access to over 90 million songs, thousands of playlists and all the contents in the catalog. Drivers will thus be able to listen and choose music without giving up navigation directions, all without having to alternate between the two apps.