Gears 6: will the announcement arrive at E3 2021?

Will there also be space for the announcement of Gears 6 during E3 2021? According to Jeff Grubb no, let’s find out why in this dedicated news

What can we expect from this summer 2021 in terms of gaming announcements? According to leaks, rumors and leaks, it will be a hotter summer than the others, the first after the arrival of the next gen. Many innovations are expected, both on the Sony and on the Microsoft front. Precisely with regard to the latter, Jeff Grubb recently spoke negatively about the possibility of having a ad, to the next E3 2021, in Gears 6.

Gears 6: announcement at E3 2021? According to Jeff Grubb no!

According to Jeff Grubb, a well-known gaming industry insider, there will be no space, during the next E3 2021, for an announcement of Gears 6. The reasons are many and can be identified in the projects that, apparently, at the moment turn out to be slightly more concrete than a new chapter in the Gears saga. Titles like Halo Infinite, Starfield and Forza Horizon, according to Grub’s words, need more attention at the moment from the Redmond house. Here, in the meantime, the word Jeff Grub’s own:

Therefore, Grubb’s position is clear and, as we know, it turns out to be a rather reliable source. However, the hope remains for all fans of the Gears saga to receive updates on a new title in the series also during the well-known summer conference. In fact, we would like to point out that Microsoft has not yet presented its line up for the conference and, probably, the truth on the state of development of the most anticipated titles we will know only during the conference itself. There remains, therefore, that await further developments.

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