Here is the Swappie iPhone bag

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Swappiethe largest center in Europe for the purchase, refurbishment and sale of iPhones, today announces the availability of the bag porta-iPhone created in partnership with WRATHdesign studio and innovative company with a focus on sustainable development, ideal for those who are looking for a accessorio “fashion” but at the same time functional to the daily protection of your smartphone.

The iPhone bag, a fashionable and sustainable accessory

The collaboration with WRÅD gives life to a unique accessory, made in recovered organic cotton from cutting waste resulting from the production of its own line of jackets treated with beeswax. A resistant material, chosen because it is able to better protect the phone, thus guaranteeing a further extension of its life cycle.

The bag is equipped with a practical and functional shoulder strap which allows you to adjust the length using recycled cotton buttons; of two convenient pockets for cards or documents and a rolled closure with lace, a choice dictated by the desire not to introduce zips or non-functional closures for the complete disposal of the product at the end of its life cycle.


Bag for iPhone, availability

The bag will be available while supplies last – free – exclusively for those who purchase an iPhone from Swappie Premium Series.

Swappie Premium Series iPhone

The Premium Series iPhone by Swappie are characterized by a 100% battery capacity and no aesthetic defects: a perfect version for those who want a new phone – in function and appearance – avoiding contributing to the large amount of electronic waste generated following the production of smartphones . Accompanied by the claim Excellence. Inside and out, the Premium Series represents the upper class of Swappie refurbished iPhones and is characterized by impeccable functionality and aesthetics.

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