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Matchpoint Tennis Championships: annunciato il multiplayer cross-platform

Torus Games and Kalypso Media Announce Matchpoint Tennis Championships Tennis Simulator Will Have Multiplayer Across Platforms

Every tennis player sooner or later will have wanted to juggle an adrenaline-pumping match challenging good and capable opponents. Thanks to technology and the advent of the internet, it has become easier and easier to share your passion with other people, commenting on the games of the most important players, or going to see the impressions that fans around the globe have of a particular tennis player. . However, thanks to the arrival of sports simulators, no further chance was given to practitioners of this discipline.

With them, in fact, the possibility was given to play tennis matches with a multitude of opponents all over the world, playing comfortably from one’s own station. Among the many, one that stands out nowadays is Matchpoint Tennis Championships, produced by Torus Games and published by Kalypso Media, which in these days will expand its user base by making the multiplayer mode available through each platform, making it officially cross-platform.

Matchpoint Tennis Championships porta il multiplayer cross-platform

The publisher and the developer have confirmed in the brand new Developer Diary Video the arrival of the cross-platform multiplayer mode in Matchpoint Tennis Championships, also analyzing in detail all the various features that will be shown within the game. Players will be able to test their tennis skills, gathering all together without any distinction between their favorite platforms.

Producer Kevin McIntosh and Game Designer Dave McIntosh delve further into Matchpoint and its testable features. You will be able to choose the right coach and the best style of play, which will provide you with information on realistic tennis tactics, capable of testing your skills and decision-making power. Now the game demo is already available for download on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X, and will arrive on Xbox Game Pass for PCs and consoles. As for the official release of the game, it is scheduled for July 7 on all platforms except Nintendo Switch (since it will arrive on the console on October 20).

Among the main features, there will be a deep career mode and with a ranking system based on the husband. The controlled character will be customizable in the style of play and look, there will be some minigames to refine your game, each field will have unique characteristics and the replay mode will allow you to reproduce the most ferocious and exciting battles on film.

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