Nintendo Switch: rumor about a new model coming out in 2021

Rumors continue to circulate on the net about an alleged new model of Nintendo Switch, improved and more performing, which perhaps will be presented in this 2021.

For many months now, various rumors have followed one another, reported by the most disparate sources, on the presentation of an upgrade of the current Nintendo Switch. A recent Bloomberg report has once again reinforced these rumors, claiming it is on its way into this one 2021 a new model of Nintendo Switch. The report is quite detailed, and contains various details that make it at least plausible: we will analyze it below, to see specifically what it is.

According to the rumor, will this new Nintendo Switch model arrive in 2021?

According to Bloomberg, this Switch upgrade could be released in stores around September October, and its price will be higher than $ 300 (or, presumably, greater than € 300 for the European market). This model could be announced even before E3 2021, so as to allow the publisher to show their titles for the new console during the actual conference. Another rumor concerning the new 2o21 Switch model is that the hybrid model currently on sale could be progressively removed from the market, in fact by performing a replacement with the new upgrade: it would therefore remain only as an economic alternative. Switch Lite.

L’insider Emily Rogers confirmed on Twitter that the Bloomberg is accurate, especially regarding the launch window of the new version. Also speaking of games coming out this year, Rogers said, along with the upcoming new model, that she is sure to see a new game of Metroid for this year (specifically it could refer to the alleged Metroid 2D developed by MercurySteam).

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