Panasonic HZ1000 review: always better but always the same

Panasonic HZ1000 review: always better but always the same

In this article we will see the review of the brand new Panasonic HZ1000 TV. A TV just arrived in stores that brings some improvements but at the same time remains anchored to some historical defects of the brand

Panasonic has managed for the umpteenth time to create a 4K, OLED and HDR + panel able to satisfy every palate while remaining within a competitive price.

We are now well aware of the quality of the panels of this historic brand, over time we have learned about the various models that are going to settle in the premium range or in the less expensive one.

Thanks to the reviews of the Panasonic TX-50GX810k, GZ1500 or the TX-55 HX940 model, to name a few, we were able to steal every detail of these TVs. But now it’s time to talk about this named 2020 model HZ1000.

Design faithful to the brand but with some improvements | Panasonic HZ1000 review

The new model from Panasonic remains faithful to the brand’s understated and dynamic aesthetic style however introducing a small but fundamental improvement.

As we are used to seeing on Panasonic TVs, the frames are reduced to the bone. For three sides the panel is practically borderless, the frames are in fact very thin, the only side to make an exception is the lower one where the TV gains a few millimeters to make room for the notification LED and obviously the IrDA system which is used to receive the signal from the remote controller.

The black color, which is found practically on the entire TV, makes it elegant and suitable for any choice of furniture. The important weight (about 30 kg) is the mirror of the choice of excellent materials.

It was not easy to place it on the piece of furniture where we kept it for about a month during our tests but the fatigue, as mentioned, is directly proportional to the solidity of the materials. In particular, we were struck by the pedestal that takes a crescent shape, leaving the old rectangular one.

Speaking of the pedestal, it should be noted that finally we would have the possibility to rotate the TV 180 degrees. Possibility that was not contemplated in the latest models we reviewed. The pedestal is also very solid, unlike models, even from other brands, and gives us the possibility not to fear that the TV may fall forward. All this despite the TV is still generous in size, the HZ1000 tested by us was 55 inches in size but there is the possibility of being able to buy it also in a variant of 65. Safety is certainly dictated by the pedestal which is granite ( here is also the reason for the greater weight).

Otherwise there are no major variations from the previous models.

Panasonic HZ1000 review: always better but always the same

Let’s see the technical data sheet of this TV

  • Panel: 4K ULTRA HD/Master HDR OLED
  • Screen resolution:  3.840 x 2.160
  • Unit panel: Smooth Motion Drive Pro
  • Mode photo: Dynamic / Normal / Cinema / True Cinema / Filmmaker mode / Custom / Professional Photo / Professional1 / Professional2 (isfccc) / Sport / Game / DolbyVision (Vivid / Bright / Dark) / Netflix Calibrated Mode
  • Video processor: Processore HCX Pro Intelligent
  • Dolby: Dolby Atmos
  • Surround: Cinema Surround PRO
  • Speaker output: 30 W (15 W x 2)
  • USB: 3 (2 side, 1 bottom; USB 3.0 x 1, USB 2.0 x 2)
  • Ethernet: 1
  • Analog audio input: M3 x 1 (bottom)

Panasonic HZ1000 review: always better but always the same

Are the audio and video of this TV at the top? | Panasonic HZ1000 review

We find in this model a processor that has left us a positive impact in the past reviews, the HCX Pro Intelligent. Thanks to this processor, paired with the excellent panel used, we could enjoy unique colors of their kind. Obviously, as you can easily guess, even the blacks are fantastic, on the other hand it is still an OLED panel.

The HDR functions give that something extra to all colors and allow this TV to excel with much more famous and even more expensive brands.

The HDR + and Dolby Vision functions combined with Netflix Calibrated Mode, a function that allows us to enjoy the highest quality of the most famous streaming system in the world, make it difficult for you to have the opportunity to complain. Speaking of which, take a look at the best Netflix TV series.

Thanks to the supplied panel OLED Master HDR 1500, this TV boasts warm colors and almost perfectly illuminated! After spending hours viewing all kinds of content, we can only give full marks to the colors and images reproduced by this 4K OLED panel.

In a nutshell we really have nothing to complain about the video part of this TV.

Unfortunately, it has made the audio sector less well which, despite boasting a series of customizations and not indifferent systems, remains anchored to some smudges that do not make the HZ1000 excel in this respect. Discrete mids, not excellent treble and bass. As suggested in other similar situations, our advice is to get around the problem by adding a Home Theater system capable of giving the right emphasis to the sound sector of this TV, perhaps going to take advantage of the ARC system that is supplied with the TV itself. .

Panasonic HZ1000 review: always better but always the same

Dashboard, Applications and Compatibility | Panasonic HZ1000 review

Another weakness of this Panasonic production is the chosen operating system. The dashboard system did not convince us, albeit slightly improved compared to the past. We have the possibility to download a few more apps, but there are still important shortcomings. One above all is the impossibility of obtaining an official application dedicated to Disney Plus.

A welcome addition, on the other hand, was that of Xumo, an application already known in the world of Smart TVs that finally appears also in the operating system chosen by Panasonic.

For the rest we have nothing to report, the management system is fluid and functional. In addition, the remote control, also faithful to the past, is complete with all necessary commands. In addition, the remote control helps intuitively access the most used applications, such as Netflix.

Also remember that the TV in question is equipped with the new digital terrestrial system and that consequently it does not require any additional equipment.

Panasonic HZ1000 review: always better but always the same

Who should buy this TV?

In conclusion, the Panasonic HZ1000 model reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the latest models launched on the market.

If you are not 100% interested in a Smart TV solution then you can safely buy this model without problems. The video sector is really great and the audio one, even if not perfect, is highly customizable.

Sure to see such beauty video accompanied by a sound that sins sorry, but there is nothing transcendental.

The other shortcomings occur precisely in the Smart section of this TV. An intuitive dashboard collides with the lack of some important applications and a rather poor store.

Excellent implementation of a swivel pedestal and the possibility of being ready for the new digital terrestrial.

If everything is related to a very low price for what is offered, you can hardly complain about the purchase.

Note: All photos in this review were taken with a Panasonic Lumix Dc-G90M.

Points in favor

  • Great OLED panel
  • More than affordable price
  • Swivel pedestal

Points against

  • Audio not always flawless
  • Limited Smart functions
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