Come cambiare e smaltire le cartucce della stampante

How to change and dispose of printer cartridges

To change the cartridges of our printer, throwing them correctly, it is essential to follow a specific procedure

In the office, as well as at home, it is common to have a photocopy printer, but what happens when the color of the cartridges or toner runs out? Let’s find out how to behave together.

What to do when the cartridges run out?

The printer is certainly the most important machine for an office or for our home: it allows us to print any document and to get beautiful prints of photographs as well. However, if the color runs out, it is necessary to replace the old consumables. The original cartridges for printers, in fact, must be replaced following a precise procedure: in fact, you will not be able to choose to open the drawer, remove the old cartridges and replace the new ones, but it will be necessary to pay close attention before making any disaster. The first thing to know is about the model of the cartridges: you can not limit yourself to buying the color cartridges of the brand of your printer, but you will have to check the compatibility through the model number. Only in this way can you be sure not to damage the cartridge reader and also the film-protected area of ​​your consumable. The situation we are presenting to you is valid both if you have a classic inkjet printer, but also a laser printer: of course, if you have the latter type, you would need a toner that is completely different from a classic printer cartridge. At this point, all you have to do is start the cartridge or toner replacement procedure and follow the directives illustrated directly from your PC. By lifting the printer drawer, the cartridges will line up in the central position, allowing you to change easily.

How to optimize cartridge ink

If you run out of color on your consumables fast enough, you may not have yet adopted some little tricks that allow you to optimize color consumption. For example, you can avoid printing with an excessively large font: in this way, in addition to reducing unnecessary waste of ink, you can also intelligently manage the sheets. Another suggestion we would like to offer you concerns the choice of font: there are some characters that allow you to reduce ink consumption. We are talking about the Garamond font: as you can see, this font is characterized by having decidedly thinner characters that can even contribute to a 24% reduction in ink consumption, making an excellent annual saving on the cost of consumables. Among the other tips we want to give you, don’t forget to avoid printing every single e-mail you receive, but prefer to use a note or a sign on your calendar so as to always keep the information you really need at hand. .

Where to throw the finished consumables?

Now that we have given you some tips about changing consumables and reducing ink waste, you are ready for another very important topic, namely the elimination of the exhausted cartridge. As you can well imagine, this must absolutely not be thrown into the unsorted bin, but must be delivered to the shop where you will buy the new consumable. The seller, in fact, will be able to properly dispose of the consumable finished. Some online stores, however, also provide a waste collection service, so that you can proceed correctly even if you buy your original or compatible consumables on the web. Larger companies, on the other hand, will have to fill in a form for the correct disposal of these products (FIR) and will have to have a container in which they will place this type of waste. The same, then, will be withdrawn by some companies that deal exclusively with this activity or material recovery. Now that you really know everything about this topic, you are ready to work at your best!