Redfall: revealed the duration of the title of Arkane Studios

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It’s time for day one also for Redfall, the Arkane Studios title that arrived on PC and Xbox exclusively for Microsoft: let’s find out together what the duration of the title is and how many hours you will have to spend in the company of vampires to complete it

From zombies to vampires. After being postponed, together with Starfield, in this 2023 perhaps a little full of highly anticipated releases, Redfall has finally arrived on PC and Xbox platforms exclusively from Microsoft. Developed by Arkane Studios, the game is also available for free to all subscribers and Xbox Game Pass. This means that, if you wish, you could launch your platform, download it and start playing with three other friends who are passionate about vampire hunting.

If by chance you were wondering how long this vampire hunt should actually last, know that it definitely can’t be a single night. According to what has emerged in these hours, the Redfall campaign (which we remember has an open-world structure open to up to four players simultaneously) it has a total duration of about 20 hours. Specifically, if you focus exclusively on the main story, your playtime will settle on 15-20 hours, even if some side missions are mandatory for the continuation of the story so you still have to do something.

Redfall is available today: what is the duration of the Arkane Studios title?

If, on the other hand, you want to strip Redfall to the bone, completing all the collectables and collecting all the collectables, estimates put the duration of the game at around 30 hours. This means that you will have completed all optional missions, cleaned all neighborhoods and collected all collectibles. Bottom line: the game appears to be quite large, but not overly pompous as we feared. We will be able to tell you more with our full review, stay tuned!

And that’s all there is to Redfall’s lifespan. Let us know if you are playing the title below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the gaming and tech themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!