State of Play October: Death’s Door will be released soon on PS4 and PS5

In this October State of Play it was officially announced the arrival of Death’s Door on PS4 and PS5

During the State of Play went live tonight, in addition to Little Devil Inside and the Bugsnax update, Death’s Door was presented, a game initially released on Xbox and PC, which will soon also arrive on PS4 and PS5. After Titan Souls, Acid Nerve studio created this atmospheric title eerie and disturbing, which takes place in a world placed between the borders of that of living beings and the dead. In this universe, souls are recovered from reaping crows, who carry out this work for reasons initially not yet very clear, and which will be discovered as you advance in the plot, taking on the role of a crow who has to go in search of a Giant Soul.

The announcement of Death’s Door coming to PS5 and PS4 during the State of Play

On Playstation Blog, producer and designer David Fenn, part of Acid Nerve, describes his joy in announcing the arrival of Death’s Door on PS4 and PS5 in this State of Play. State how the game was received with extreme positivity from the gaming community, and for this reason they have a strong desire to extend the experience to other players, who can therefore embark on a journey dark and mysterious in the form of ravens armed with swords. The game has been improved to perform at its best on both PS4 and PS5: 60 FPS can be reached without any problem, the Platinum trophy has been made fun to obtain and particular attention has been paid to the haptic feedback of the DualSense, giving a feeling definitely new to the game.

This is also one of the details that the same manufacturer wanted to approach first. With the feel of this new controller, it will be possible to have one additional feeling from the fight, for example when the magic is fully charged and is ready to be used, to then also feel the same discharge of power that is emitted and knocks down the enemies that stand in front of us. This and other details have been included within the PS5 version, and will all be viewable once the game is released, on November 23, 2021.

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