The world of video games takes the field to help Ukraine

Il mondo dei videogiochi scende in campo per aiutare l'Ucraina thumbnail

How many times have we heard that it’s all the fault of video games? That gaming incites violence? What is the fault of the shooters if the flame of war is kept alive? Many, too many. Now though the gaming world responds by taking the field to help Ukraine in the face of the senseless Russian invasion, with the Soviet troops that for a week now have been setting fire to the nation led by President Zelensky.

Video game companies help Ukraine

You remember that This War of Mine? The game, developed by the Polish software house 11 Bit Studios, it was set during the siege of Sarajevo and showed the point of view of civilians, busy surviving the war. A terrible prospect, a moving game. Profits from the sale of the game are now being donated to charities, in support of the Ukrainian Red Cross.
Following in the developer’s footsteps is it store GOG, that will use next week’s earnings from the sale of This War of Mine to help Ukraine.

And this is only the beginning. Local developers – around 400 companies with over 30,000 employees – are asking the Ukrainian national bank to report on Facebook to support the military.
Among these also GSC Game Worldthe software house behind the Stalker series, which until a week ago was working on the new Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl.

Photo Credit: VentureBeat

However, aid also comes from foreign development studies. Israeli Playtika will donate $ 100,000 to the Ukrainian Red Crosswhile Upland is trying to find new accommodation, outside the country, for his team in Ukraine. In fact, some of them managed to escape last week but many are still in Kiev, Mikolev and Lviv.

In the meantime it has also arrived the official statement of the IGDA, the International Game Developers Association: “IGDA supports Ukraine, its people, studios and game developers affected by this violation of international law. As an international organization that values ​​community and advocacy, we express our solidarity with Ukraine and with our peers, friends and colleagues who are part of the Ukrainian game development community. Today, the IGDA is summoning the gaming industry to denounce the violent actions against Ukraine. “

Alongside the demonstrations of solidarity, there are also clear-cut positions taken by companies. Ukrainian startup DMarket has decided to cut ties with Russia and Belarus. Also WePlay Holdings he decided to break off relations with Soviet societies and not to advertise any Russian brand during its live streams.

Frogwaresthe software house that gave birth to Sherlock Holmes video games, he asked help to persuade Putin’s troops to withdraw. Tallboys – the creators of Panemic Express – voiced their bewilderment on Twitter while Ubisoft is helping the more than 500 employees located in Ukraine.

Riot Games has suspended the Valorant Champions Tour, which included Russian and Ukrainian teams, CD Project Red stated that she is ready to support Ukraine while Bungie will donate the proceeds of the Game2Give marathon to humanitarian aid.

In the end Wargaming, which has its main office in Belarus, he announced a $ 1 million donation to the Ukrainian Red Cross.