Valve working on a new portable console?

According to the latest rumors, it seems that Valve is working on a portable console. The console was called “StreamPal” momentarily and will use Linux as its OS

Valve, a historic production house, is known to most for franchises such as Portal, Half-Life and Team Fortress, as well as for being the owner of Steam. A persistent rumor is circulating these days that sees Valve working on a new portable console. The console will be similar to Switch in usage and will run games through Steam using a YOU based on Linux. For these latter reasons, the console will be, in concept, more similar to a laptop than to a real console.

A new portable console in Valve’s plans?

To confirm its existence is a report of the platform Ars Technica. According to other sources, this new portable console made by Valve has been in development for some time. A hypothetical clue comes from the new code implemented within Steam which seems to refer to a device called “SteamPal“. The code also seems to refer to the first name of SteamPal, or “Neptune”. At the time, Neptune was thought to be a new controller. Apparently, however, it is much more. Has Valve changed its plans? Also according to Ars Technica, this new machine is a PC all in one equipped with proprietary controllers e touchscreen.

Valve working on a new portable console?

In other words, the device looks and works like a Switch. Gabe Newell, chief of Valve, following the question of whether Valve intends to release further titles on consoles, replied that it will have to wait until the end of this year. This seems to suggest that Newell misinterpreted the interviewer’s question and referred to something else. Finally, the reports speak of dimension of the console prototype, although it is not yet known whether it will be equipped with Intel or AMD chips, what we do know is that it will be a very bigger by Switch. Along with the console, there will be two joystick and at least one touchpad (in addition to the aforementioned touchscreen). This news is very important because the new console could have a impact about the way we play video games.

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