Victoria 3 review: we run a whole world

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Victoria 3, the management software of Paradox Interactive, has arrived on our PCs and in this review we will analyze it and find out

They have now passed well twelve years after the release of the last chapter of Victoria. The many fans of the genre were anxiously waiting for the new title of the Swedish software house that finally arrived a few days ago. But how will this new chapter behave on our PCs? To find out we just have to start this review and go and gut as much as possible Victoria 3.

A truly ambitious title

Set in the dramatic century that goes from 1836 to 1936, we will find ourselves playing the role of “guiding spirit”Of an entire people. Our goal will be to to erect our nation as the founding pillar of a new world, but the road is really long and very complex. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a lifelong management gamer, Victoria 3 will still be able to put your skills to the test in a way that’s more unique than rare.

The title, in fact, is proposed as a truly ambitious masterpiece, not so much for the size and technical aspects, as for the gameplay itself. Trying to please all social classes, and consequently all the inhabitants, of our nation will be really difficult and there will be moments of tension due to a wrong decision or taken too lightly. We will therefore not be able to afford the luxury of “playing a lot for”, not even in the sandbox mode which should leave ample freedom of maneuver.

Already from the first start of the tutorial we can understand the potential of this video game. Taking the first steps in this area will not be too complicated and everything will be explained to us down to the smallest detail. However, just this step-by-step explanation, in addition to giving us a light smattering of the gameplay, makes us understand how articulated the same is. Therefore, taking the right time during the first start-ups is not a choice to be excluded.

Victoria 3 review: we run a whole world

Slow gameplay in some respects – Victoria 3 review

Every aspect of the management system is taken care of down to the smallest detail. Studying every single move is essential to progress as the unexpected is always around the corner. Enhancing a facility is not always a benefit. While it is true that, for example, a larger industry produces and provides more jobs, on the other hand, failure to export goods can cause it to slow down.

However, precisely in this respect we find the first negative note. If you do not initially lend a lot of weight, as you play and acquire important notions, therefore knowing what to implement and what not, one of the biggest problems arises. There tail of the buildingindeed, it is relative to the whole nation and not to the single province. So let’s forget a management to Civilization o alla Humankindjust to be clear.

While this choice may prove to be great during the early stages of the game, it is only when we get the hang of that everything will seem much slower than it should. Imagine you already know where to invest every resource you can produce. Getting there ahead of the competition would be ideal, but it will often not be possible as we will have to wait for another building to be completed in another region before we can proceed.

Victoria 3 review: we run a whole world

Understanding is important – Victoria 3 review

Contrary to other management systems that are more “user friendly”, let us use this term, the title of Paradox Interactive needs “be studied“. Inside, in fact, there are so many mechanics that we do not recommend buying it for those looking for a light title to pass the time. Let me be clear, each management software needs its time to be fully understood and discover all its secrets. However, if others take a couple of hours to assimilate the mechanics, Victoria 3 could take days.

In addition to the vastness of the game, one of the factors that could hinder understanding is the absence of the Italian language. While this is not a problem for someone who can fully understand the English language, for the less experienced it could be an additional obstacle. Inside they are present lots of technical terms which are not exactly familiar to many and this entails a considerable slowdown due to the translation of the various captions on the screen.

Obviously, if it is already difficult to understand a similar game in every detail being experts in the genre, we do not dare to imagine if there are also problems regarding the language. It can get really tedious and frustratingespecially at the beginning when the load of notions to learn is really high.

Victoria 3 review: we run a whole world

War is not fundamental, but in some cases it helps – Victoria Review 3

One of the aspects that can result less cared for than the others is certainly that of war. This particular mechanic did not thrill us like the others, although it is not really to be discarded anyway. Conquering an opposing territory to increase our nation, not only physically, but also productively, is certainly a good move and in some cases we will be forced to use force.

Obviously the developers have built the game more on trade and diplomacy. It will certainly not be impossible to appropriate a region in this way. Convincing opponents to give up a piece of land without starting bloody wars is certainly a cure-all and will make you feel omnipotent, but in case of extreme need we will have to resort to the use of force. What happens then? Well, visually nothing. The battles will be automatically fought in some respects.

On the other hand, however, we can request the help of other armies for implement our strike force o magari provide naval support if you are launching an amphibious attack. The crucial point, however, comes when peace is to be negotiated. The treaties will not be simple and a very important parameter will enter the field: the support for war. This will vary according to the conquests made, the number of soldiers lost and the number of wounded. The more support, the more likely it is to push the peace treaties in our favor.

Victoria 3 review: we run a whole world

Perfect management in the technical sector – Victoria 3 review

As for the technical sector we certainly cannot fail to congratulate the guys at Paradox Interactive. Throughout our experience, which took place on a machine that far exceeded the requirements recommended by the developers, we did not encounter the slightest stability problem. Graphically speaking, the game turns out to be very pleasantwith a interactive map well managed and that guarantees unparalleled zoom levels, both approaching and moving away.

Also there handling of the on-screen HUD is well done. The notifications and menus are well organized and do not clog the view, nor are there overlaps that could create some problems during the experience. The audio side is also well managed, with a soundtrack worthy of this title and that will accompany us flawlessly during all our games. We also found the organization of the inputs (keyboard and mouse) good. The choice of quick commands was much appreciated and easy to understand to open the quick menus.

Victoria 3 review: we run a whole world


We have now reached the end of this review of Victoria 3 and it is therefore time to draw some conclusions. The title, much awaited by fans of the genre, for sure it won’t leave anyone disappointed. Victoria 3 indeed looks like the largest management software ever seen to date. Inside there are many mechanics that will influence every single choice of the player, from the most important ones to the banal and almost obvious ones.

No matter how many hours you’ve spent on this genre of games, understanding the gameplay in every respect will not be easy. This is not so much because of their complexity, as much for the vastness of the same, especially for lesser-used mechanics, such as warfare. This last one also seemed to us too the least treated in this respect, at least compared to the others. Nevertheless, the title, however, is well enjoyable, at least if you have a good command of the English language. In fact, the Italian localization is not present.

For the rest, the game was well managed, with a respectable technical sector, able to give a serene experience to many gamers. We remind you that the title is available at the recommended price of € 49.99in the basic version, only on PC. If, on the other hand, you want to buy this title with a slight discount, we recommend that you take a look at the Instant Gaming pages. That’s all for this Victoria 3 review. To not miss further news and reviews related to the videogame universe, keep following the pages of everything!

The best management software around

Points in favor

  • Technical sector
  • Vast gameplay
  • Well-managed contingencies

Points against

  • Absence of the Italian language
  • National and non-regional construction management