Yamaha TMAX 2022 is renewed in design and technology

Yamaha aggiorna il suo TMAX con un nuovo design e tanta tecnologia thumbnail

After announcing it with a teaser a few days ago, Yamaha unveils the new TMAX for 2022. The new version maintains the “sporty” philosophy that earned it the title of best-selling maxi-scooter, after the Japanese company had it. changed profoundly in 2020 by inserting a larger displacement engine (it went from 530 to 560 cc). For 2022, less profound changes arrive for this already eighth generation: same mechanics and power (35 kW only for the A2 license), but new bodywork and much more technological equipment. And the new version of the TMAX also arrives Tech MAX, even more equipped than the “basic” model.

The two maxi-scooters show now a new body design, much sharper and more aggressive compared to previous models in which this aspect had already been emphasized anyway. A new color, more carefree and cheerful (“Extreme Yellow”), which adds to the dull gray or dark blue available for this “2022” version.

On the front stands the pair of thinner and more stylized LED headlights where the direction indicators, and again in the front the TMAX presents a new windshield that contributes to the new look and improves driving comfort, thanks also to a slimmer central section that improves the mobility of the rider. At the rear we find an exclusive TMAX design of the T-shaped rear optics, where the indicators are integrated to offer a more fluid image, which emphasizes clean and sporty lines. The new boomerangs and redesigned rear shield panels blend seamlessly with the rest of the new bodywork.

yamaha tmax 2022

Meanwhile, while the sharp look dominates from front to back, Yamaha was determined to improve ergonomics, the which is good news for users who lacked it more comfort. The new Yamaha TMAX 2022 is proposed with a sportier riding position, while the saddle has been modified by lengthening it and inserting a practical backrest for the rider, with the area where the foot rests now a little longer. At the same time, the forged aluminum handlebar changes its shape to better adapt to the new “triangle” of position when getting on the saddle.. In practice, the TMAX has now has more space for all types of customers who will see in it a more capable and ergonomically “friendly” scooter.

Yamaha TMAX 2022, technology in step with the times

Yamaha has certainly not spared itself for modernize all the instrumentation, perhaps a little late compared to its competitors. In fact we had to wait for this eighth generation of the TMAX to find one 7-inch TFT screen and Bluetooth connection and Wi-Fi to be able to connect the smartphone via the MyRide App, which also offers, as an option, the Garmin navigation with full map.

After connecting your smartphone, you can use the joystick on the left handlebar to select the desired functions, including playing music, being able to receive notifications, check the local weather and more. Headphones connected via Bluetooth are required to listen to music or answer calls, while messages can be displayed when the TMAX is parked.

yamaha tmax 2022

Yamaha equips its flagship maxiscooter with first-rate components, such as the proximity key that unifies the switches for more intuitive interaction, the electronic tank access cap (without the need for a physical key).

The cycling part has also been remodeled by equipping it with a new set of wheels read at 10 spokes, on which a pair of Bridgestone Battlax SC2 are mounted. In addition to these sports tires there are also disc brakes bitten by two monobloc calipers with radial anchors and 4 pistons.

The suspensions, for their part, now offer slightly sportier “settings”. Starting from the fork made up of 41 mm diameter stanchions passing to the rear shock absorber with connecting rods. The scooter also features the latest full ride-by-wire technology which consists of a new throttle position sensor (APSG) and proven throttle. Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T). The new APSG sensor replaces the traditional cable and pulley system, features a magnet and sensor that detects throttle inputs and transmits data to the YCC-T.

All this without forgetting the versione premium Tech MAX, where quality goes a step further with extraordinary details such as heated grips and seat (and improved compared to the previous version), electronically adjustable windscreen and cruise control as standard.

the first deliveries of both models are planned for first quarter of 2022 with prices not yet disclosed.