3 best sites to look for work online

3 migliori siti per cercare lavoro online

Let’s see how to increase your chances of finding a job nowadays and what are the best sites to look for a job online

Finding a job nowadays is much easier than you think, especially if you search for it online within the right portals and if you have the requirements that are now considered fundamental for most companies. Those who are therefore looking for a job should take advantage of it, because currently there is no shortage of opportunities and the sectors that offer excellent employment prospects are manifold.

So let’s see first of all how to increase your chances of finding a job nowadays and what are the best sites to look for a job online.

How to increase your chances of finding work in 2022

It is important to point out that in many cases to increase their chances of entering the job market today it is advisable to open the VAT number. It is in fact much easier to be hired as a contractor rather than an employee, especially in sectors such as new technologies, marketing, the arts and entertainment.

It must also be considered that it is now possible to join the flat-rate scheme it offers significant advantages for freelancers as it provides for the application of a single substitute tax of 5% for the first 5 years and 15% from the sixth year onwards. All those who fall within the parameters outlined by the legislator can access the flat rate. Nowadays little is spent even for the tax consultant, as there are online services such as Fiscozen that offer packages including everything (tax return, F24, unlimited electronic invoices, etc.) for only 299 euros + VAT per year.

The best sites to look for work online in 2022

Let’s see now what are the best sites to find work online in 2022.


Linkedin is a social network that represents a precious resource for professionals and for those who are looking for job opportunities. In fact, once you have created your profile, which must be curated and full of information, complete with a curriculum vitae and so on, it is possible consult thousands of advertisements and make contact with various companies. You can also participate in the various communities so it is certainly worth signing up for Linkedin, also because it costs nothing.


Infojobs is arguably the number one job search portal: a real point of reference for all those who wish to find a job. Also in this case, you need to create your own profile specifying any professional areas of your interest and you can therefore consult many ads. It is also possible through the portal send your applications and monitor the situation, for example by checking how many companies have seen the resume, how many have responded and so on. Not only that: Infojobs sends an email every time a new advertisement is published which may be of interest to you.


Indeed is another very useful portal for job seekers, similar in operation to Infojobs but with a plus that should not be underestimated. Inside you can find unique ads, which therefore have not been published on other sitestherefore the chances increase.