Aldrovandi Experience, a new “Game to Human” story

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Inside the section Game to Human of the institutional website of IDEA there is a story that brings together memory e innovation, history e everyday lifetourism and new ways of using museums: Aldrovandi Experience. It is a video game developed by Melazetta and also available in English who wants to drive to discovery of the city of Bologna children and families.

The launch of “Aldrovandi Experience” was on Sunday 11 September, the date of the protagonist’s birth.

Aldrovandi Experience, a new “Game to Human” story

The project was born from a close collaboration between Common e University of Bolognaand saw the participation of some of the main cultural realities of the city. Among them we find the University Library of Bologna, the Archiginnasio Library, the Civic Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Palazzo Poggi, the Botanical Garden and Herbarium and the Salaborsa Library.

Players can access this adventure from their own smartphoneby selecting the option “Experience Aldrovandi” from the home screen of WunderBO. Here they will have the opportunity to follow the events of Ulisse Aldrovandi through a path to discover the city of Bologna. Furthermore, along the way, they will be able to identify and collect, thanks to useful clues and indications, images of animals o symbols taken from the illustrated books of the great naturalist. In each of the six placesit is necessary frame the subject indicated by the clue and take a picture to get through the augmented reality, a historical illustration of the same subject. Lara Oliveti, Co-founder, Partner and CEO of Melazeta, said:

“The title relies on the GPS of gamers’ devices and when it detects them in the city area it shows a map of the center. At this point, a first-person account by Ulisse Aldrovandi begins the visit, which follows a cultural trek of about two hours, during which you can check your progress and view the completion of the gallery of illustrations. ”

Game to Human it is instead the platform that the Association has decided to create to promote one greater knowledge of video games along with their positive impact on gamers’ lives. For more information on Game to Human you can consult the official site.